From: Lily Luna Potter

To: Harry James Potter

Written on an uncrumpled piece of pink stationary paper with the Hogwarts stamp at the top.

Dear Dad,

I met a funny ghost girl in the bathroom at school today. She told me to tell you she says hi, so I decided to write to you before I forgot. After all, Christmas break is a long way away, but I don't mind: Hogwarts is everything you've ever told me it would be.

Lots of love,

— Lily xoxo

PS: I was Sorted into Gryffindor! I was so worried that I would be Hatstalled — I waited for almost two whole minutes. The Sorting Hat was debating in between Gryffindor or Hufflepuff; I wouldn't have minded either. Wasn't Teddy's mum a Hufflepuff?

Hatstall: [hat-stall] A hatstall is a person who sits on the Hogwarts stool for more then five minutes because the Sorting Hat cannot choose in what house that child should be in.