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'How do you do that?' I asked.

'What?' he whispered.

'Take my breath away every time you touch me.'

'Really? I thought this was one of your talents only.' he said, without stopping his kisses, burning my skin with every touch. He was wearing a white, sleeveless T-shirt. I noticed for the first time the tattoo on the muscles of his armrest, the pattern of a cross penetrated by the sharp edge of a dagger.

'That's strange. I hadn't noticed your tattoo before. Does this signify something?' I asked curiously, examining the strange pattern.

He hesitated for a few seconds and then he said,

'As a matter of fact, it does. But it's bad. Nothing I would like to talk about...yet.' I knew this was some of the things we would have to talk about in the future. For nothing in this world would I spoil this day, the first day of my life, my real life.

He sighed. 'Emma, I just wish...we had more time. Take things... more slowly.'

'But we do have time.' I assured him. 'Maybe not right now, but we have the rest of the day, and tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and....' My smile froze when my eyes met his. He looked too serious.

'Oh, Emma. I can't help feeling that...our time is...just running out.' He was playing with my hair as he said that, but I noticed the grief in his voice.

'Are you telling me... you're leaving?' I asked him, truly worried this time. His expression changed at once. He touched the tip of my nose playfully.

'No, silly. But we're not staying in Greece forever, are we?' His smile was back, although not entirely convincing. It surprised me that a man like him would be insecure. I was, of course, aware of the fact that he was risking more than me with our relationship.

I took a deep breath. 'Look, Christopher, let's not worry about the future now. Let's not spoil this, okay? '

'Not worry about the future, mmm.' He thought about it for a moment. 'I wish I could do that.' he said in a sullen voice that didn't match his smile.

'Are you trying to tell me something?' I asked again, unable to read his eyes, as he was looking down. He had got serious again for a few seconds. But then his beautiful smile lit his face again.

'It can wait. Now eat or I'll feed you.' He made me sit next to him. I was really curious about what he meant but I was determined not to ruin our first morning together. Frustrating as it was, I comforted myself with the idea that whatever was bugging him, we would face it together. Just not now, not today.

It turned out I was really hungry. 'You do realize that we both missed the school meeting, right?' he said as I was gobbling down a large piece of toasted bread.

'Oh no!'

'I know. Think of all the gossip!' He seemed to find this amusing.

I pictured Rose, doing her best to give a full account of all our movements at the wedding the previous night.

'Well, you know what? I don't care. Let them gossip. We're both adults.' The determined sound of my voice impressed me. He laughed loudly, the most wonderful laugh. Of course, I had omitted an important detail, that he was a tutor at the university where I was a student. But no one knew we had slept together. We had just showed up together at the wedding. Besides, for some strange reason, Christopher did not seem to care at all about the possibility of losing his job because of me.

On the way back, I remembered to check my cell phone for any messages. I found three calls by Kate, one by Demetra, the archeologist, one by my mother and three calls by numbers that were not registered in my cell phone memory. I called Kate first.

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