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      I woke up with the sweet smell of toasted bread hitting my nostrils. For a few seconds, I lay back in the large bed confused at first, but gradually realizing I was not in my bedroom.

And then it hit me. A flow of emotions overwhelmed my whole body, as the kisses, the cuddling and the tender whispers of the previous night, all came back to me. It was no dream. In fact, it was a dream come true. And it had been a perfect one, beyond any possible imagination. I was experiencing a strange feeling of contentment, as if I had been able to find my way home, after a long course of misfortunes. Home, where I belonged. 'Home is where your heart is' my father used to say to me. My heart belonged to Christopher. Christopher. I had already missed him.

Still drowsy, I rolled the vivid orange sheets around my body hastily and got up. I tiptoed to peep into the empty kitchen when I suddenly felt Christopher behind me, his arms hugging me, his warm breath against the back of my neck. I leaned my back on him as I had imagined myself doing so many times.

It felt so good not being cautious anymore. I turned towards him and hugged him impatiently. He was smiling, but I caught a hint of worry in his eyes.

'Good morning.' he whispered in my ear. 'Do you still not hate me?'

Instead of replying, I stood on the tips of my toes and kissed him softly.

'That'll do.' He looked relieved. 'I made breakfast.'

'How come you're dressed already? Have you been out?' I said, still hanging from his neck, noticing his car keys and a shopping bag on the table.

'You wouldn't want to go out in the same, torn dress you wore last night, would you?' he asked with the most innocent smile.


'So, I bought you a dress ...and a pair of sandals. I was very quick. I only left you for fifteen minutes. I hope you'll like them.'

I was about to protest but he stopped me.

'You will pay me back of course.'

'Thank you.' I said finally. 'You take care of everything, don't you?'

'That's the idea.' He sighed. 'I hate to say this, but Harry will be back in the next half hour. So, why don't you take a shower, get dressed and join me for breakfast?'

'Ok.' I released him reluctantly and headed for the bathroom.

He knew how embarrassing it would be for me to let Harry know I had spent the night with one of my supervising tutors. At least, we should preserve appearances.

I had a quick shower, trying not to wet my hair. The short, white, linen dress he had bought for me was perfect. He had impressed me with his ability to find my size. I found him at the porch, leafing through a magazine. Breakfast was on the coffee table. When he saw me, he put the magazine next to him and grabbed my arm, making me sit on his lap.

'I need a lot of coffee.' I said.

'Is that all you need?' he whispered in my ear.

'I've told you... I need you.' I whispered back.

'No regrets then?' he asked kissing me behind my ear.

'No regrets.' I repeated. 'Definitely.'

I looked at his beautiful face, thinking I just could not get enough of him. This beautiful man had been mine for a whole night and, I hoped, for many other nights to come. He was too good for me, much more than I deserved. I shivered as he kissed the curve of my shoulder.

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