Chapter 32

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Izzy's P.O.V

It was 8:54 and visiting hours were almost over. Jack G. and Taylor were helping me pack up all my things.

"Guys who is staying with Bri and Cam?" I asked. I wasn't leaving them here alone and I am making Jack go back to the hotel. They just shrugged.

"Um probably Jack Johnson. I thought it would be Nash, but I guess not." Jack answered. When I heard Nash's name I hung my head down remembering he was going to be in the hotel room right next to me.

"Oh okay." was all I said. Taylor looked at me with sad eyes and I just continued to pack. Once we were done I said bye to Brianna. When I was saying bye to Cam I bent down and whispered, "He is texting a girl, and he is obviously too busy for us." I could hear the hurt in my voice, which means Cam could definitely tell. When I stood up and hugged him one more time I could see the anger in his eyes. I made my way out of the door with all the boys trailing behind me. We all packed into the limo. George smiled huge at me and I couldn't not smile. I love this guy. He is like the dad I never had. The entire car ride I just stared out the window. I was sitting next to Taylor and across from Matt.

"Izzzyyy....?" I heard Carter saying over and over.

"Huh, are you talking to me?" They all laugh and Carter nods his head.

"Are you okay? You seem a little off." He asks. Great job pretending you don't care.

"Um, I..." I didn't get to finish because Taylor cut me off. "Guys leave her alone this is a lot compared to sitting in a hospital room!"

"Woah man, I was just wondering." "Thanks Carter. And I am okay." I say back quietly. I feel Matt and Bailey's eyes burning holes in the side of my head. Honestly this is going to be a long night.

We get to the hotel and the boys pile into the elevator with all my stuff. "Guys make room for Izzy!' Shawn is saying while pushing the boys over. "Dude she is going up the stairs." Matt says smiling at me. Thank god for Matt! Shawn looks at me questioningly and I just nod my head. I make my way to the stairs and hop up the 4 flights. I reach our floor and it turns up I still beat the elevator. When I turn down our hallway I thought I would throw up then. Nash was kissing this blonde slutty girl in the hall outside our room. I spin around on my crutches and go back to the stairs. I walk back down a flight so it looks like I hadn't gotten up yet. When I heard the elevator open and a hotel room door close I went back up.

"Oh there she is!" Hayes yells while pointing to me. I do a small wave and let the boys lead the way to the room. We turn the hall and it was Nash that close the hotel door. I opened the boys door since some of them were holding my stuff. When I walked in Nash sat up off his bed. He ran over to me and hugged me. I did a quick friendly hug and then made my way over to my door. Once in my room I locked the door and flopped onto my bed. I changed into PJ's when Kerissa and Bailey walked in. I missed hanging out with them a lot! We all hug and giggle at each other. We caught up and watched TV. I told them all about my Nash problems and Kerissa looked like she wanted to bitch slap him. Then someone knocked on the door. Bailey got up and opened it. I just went back on my phone and heard Bailey at the door. "Sorry Nash Izzy doesn't really want to see anyone right now." She said it really mean and bossy. I think Nash caught on that Bailey was mad. Bailey is like a small kitten most of the time. Calm, cute, and gentle. So when she is like this something is real wrong. "I can't believe he had the nerve to come in here!" Kerissa yells. I slap my hand over her mouth. When she realizes that the boys are next door she puts her hand over my hands. We keep talking and stuff until almost 1 am. It was hard sleeping. I am so used to having Cam, Nash, or even Jack holding me. Not to sound weird. It's just that they make me feel safe. Well not Nash anymore I guess. Maybe we can just be good friends.

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