6. A Certain Romance

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Alex's P.O.V

I didn't know where I was going, but now I had her I knew I couldn't let her go. Although this was directly relatable to the circumstances in which I found myself in at that moment in time, I realised that that was in fact very similar to, well, my life. I didn't know where I would end up - this band malarkey wouldn't last forever - but I knew I had to hold onto what I had.. and, right now, that was Flo's hand. I confidently lead the way out of the over-crowded club with Flo following me, her hand firmly grasped onto mine.

"Where are you taking me?" Flo questioned, trying to raise her gentle voice over the heavy, unforgiving, dance anthem.

I frantically searched my mind for a nice place near by that we could go to. "Um.. Er.. My place?" I said with such uncertainty that it was clear in my tone. "What? Alex what are you saying?!" I cursed in my mind as I foolishly let the words slip from my clumsy mouth. She's probably going to think I'm just back for a shag, brilliant.

Flo's P.O.V

'his place' the words played on repeat like a broken record, this could mean anything. Due to the happenings of the previous time I found myself at Al's place, I was somewhat apprehensive. Nevertheless, an hour down the line, I found myself there.

He had scrapped together a meal for two and I could tell that this wasn't what he had planned. We sat down to eat and an awkward silence filled the room. It wasn't uncomfortable, just rather tense.

We talked for a while and he explained to me how he'd lost my number so couldn't contact me, and that the girl in the paper was just his cousin that was visiting. It all seemed pretty legitimate and the charm he added so easily had definitely won me over. The conversation briefly ran dry and I quickly caught his sharp eye contact, I knew where this would end, we both did...

Alex's P.O.V

We finished our meals but I knew the night wasn't over, we both got down from the table and made our way over to my black leather sofa on the other side of the room. Settling down, I leant over her to put my beer on the table next to her. I sat back up and tactically brushed my hand over her thigh, she bit her lip nervously and it made a warm sensation rush through me. I looked into her eyes and then to her full pale pink lips. Edging closer to Flo, I landed a light kiss on her lips. Her response was in no way delayed as she kissed me back; harder and more passionately. I pulled her into me and our bodies collided as we both fell back onto the cushioning sofa, "this sofa won't be big enough" I thought, as I felt her mouth open, allowing me to gently slip my tongue in.. Her touch; so subtle yet puzzlingly suggestive, made my heart race uncontrollably. My mind like a whirlwind, she caressed my sweating skin, increasing my inability to think of an appropriate response. Words became foreign but luckily this was no longer an issue as now sentences weren't welcomed but passionate actions were very much advised. This was the beginning of something, I just didn't know what.


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