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I woke up in a metallic room and it seems to be moving upwards. What is this place? I can't remember anything other than my name. I'm scared. Someone please help me.

All the sudden the metallic box seems to come to a stop. I just sit in the corner too scared to move an inch. The top of the box open "it's just supplies here. I don't see anyone" I heard a voice from above. Then a boy jump in the box and look around until his eyes set on me "hey there's someone here" I flinch and try to move backwards but since my back is against the box wall I couldn't go anywhere.

"Hey.... It's okay. We're not gonna hurt you. None of us will, okay?" "W-where am I? W-what is this place?" "I know you have a lot of question, but it's for the leader to answer not me" I just stare at him. "Hey Newt! What's taking you so long. Hurry and take the greenie out of there" "I'm on it Alby. The greenie is terrified" he turn to me and slowly walking forward and extend his hand out to me "come... Let's get you out of here, yeah?" I hesitantly put my hand on his larger one. As I stood up I notice his eyes widened and he seems to froze slightly.

"Hey!! What are you doing in there?" "Um Alby?" "What? What's wrong?" "The greenie... A girl" "huh?" Newt climb out of the box. "Come on greenie" he said motioning me to take his hand and I did. He pulled me out and I instantly feel everyone's eyes on me. I look around and notice I'm the only girl. I heard they say things like "she's hot!" "I call dibs" "no I saw her first" it's too much I turn around and took of running.

"We got a runner boys!" I heard someone yell. I just kept running. "She's running towards the maze" "someone stop her!" I just run faster. Just as I was about to reach the so called maze someone grab me. Out of instinct I grab the person's arm and twist it behind the person's back. I notice he has a knife I grab it and point it to his neck. The others who's chasing me stop dead in their track.

I heard gasp and people murmuring "she beats Gally. The strongest fighter we had" "she's amazing" and more like that. But I ignore them all. A person slowly step forward with his hands up in surrender.

"Easy there... We won't hurt you. Just put the knife down okay?" "How can I know that I could trust you. You're all hormonal boys. What happens to other girls? Why am I the only one around?" "We don't know? You're the first girl they ever sent" "they?" "The creator" I look at them confused.

"Just put the knife down, I know you're confused. Do you know remember your name?" I stayed silent. "You don't? Don't worry... It'll soon come back to you" "Y/N..." I mumble. "What?" "Y/N? It's my name" I say louder this time.

"Well Y/N... Can you please put the knife down?" I slowly put it down. The person who I hold hostage quickly step away from me. All of this is too much. I passed out.


I woke up in a cage. I just sit there until I heard footstep outside. I look up to see Newt looking down "you okay there?" "I'm fine" "here *handing me a piece of bread* you're probably hungry" I took it from him and slowly take a bite.

"Thanks" I mumble. "You're welcome" I just sit there, not knowing what to say. Until Newt broke the silent "that was a cool move back there, you're the first to ever beat up Gally" "really?" "Yeah. But don't do it again. One thing I could tell you are the rules we set up here. 1. Do your part of job, 2. Don't hurt other gladers, and 3. Do not go beyond that walls *pointing towards the gate I was about to run through* Understand that greenie?" "Yes. And will you it stop calling me greenie or what ever that is. You know my name" he just chuckle "okay Y/N"

He opens the door to what he calls The slammer. "I'm in charge of giving you the tour" I nod. He start showing me around. From the deadhead to the homestead (is that what they call? I forgot... I didn't watch it in a while. Please someone let me know). Pretty much everything.

Then he brings me to the center where everyone is gathering.

"Welcome to the Glade, Y/N" everyone yelled in unison.

'This is it. Is this how I'm gonna end up. Stuck here in the Glade with at least 20 boys and I'm the only girl. Well... How bad can it be?' I thought.

*to be continued*

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