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'Our heirs, whatever or whoever they maybe, will

explore space and time to degrees we cannot

currently fathom. They will create new melodies in

the music of time. There are infinite harmonies to

be explored.'

Clifford Pickover

Clifford Pickover

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 The heat of the summer night did not get to me at all. I felt chills and I was trembling like a leaf, shattered by the news that had struck me like a bolt out of the blue.

Susan, the delirious female Crusader and emissary of the future world, was trying to rationalize Christopher's decision, searching desperately for comforting words. But I was not listening to her anymore. I opened the drawer of the desk next to me and took my car keys with a fast move before Susan had time to react. It had to be one of the League's tricks, I thought, although deep down I knew Susan would never lie to me.

I was frantic. I thought of his house. I had to go there, see with my own eyes, his clothes, his books, sense his smell... Maybe it was not too late. Maybe I could still make him change his mind.

I rushed outside and Susan followed me, shouting my name. But I was faster. Despair had been my motive power. I started the car, wasting no time to fasten my seatbelt.

'It can't be true... It can't be happening! Please God, no! Don't let it be too late. Oh, Christopher, what have you done?' I repeated to myself, speeding off, my face soaked from the tears.

He could not have gone back, hundreds of years away from me, leaving me here. Even worse, he could not have returned to the life that had consumed all his humanity in the past, to the crimes he was desperately trying to redeem his soul from. It would sooner or later destroy him. I should not let him sacrifice himself to save me. I could not allow that. There had to be another way out of that deadlock.

I remembered the words he had whispered to me that night, when I had told him I was determined to fight for us.

'When you get to a deadlock, will you please remember that I love you... That you are my life... My heart and my soul...belong to you... Wherever I am... Whatever I do... Promise won't hate me.' he had pleaded. Their meaning was so clear to me now.

Tears were blocking my view as I clenched the wheel, but that did not keep me from stepping on the gas.

I only caught a glimpse of the car that appeared out of nowhere, ignoring the stop sign. My Beetle swerved dangerously in a last effort to avoid the collision and I found myself heading towards a cluster of trees, having lost control of the wheel.

The awful sound of the crash sounded as a blast to my ears. Then, the darkness of the night surrounded me, swallowing me into the blessed oblivion of nothingness.

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