Epilogue 1

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Sara slowly opened her eyes, hissing as the lights hit her face. She groaned as she tried to turn her body. It felt stiff, and her head felt heavy. She looked around, it was their room. Xander's and her's. Damn ... Xander. She hissed as she felt heavy again. She turned to her left side and laid to catch her breath and strength.

" Goo goo ba " Sara's eyebrows furrowed as she heard the noise. Slowly she opened her eyes and her breathing hitched. There laid the most beautiful creature she had ever seen. " Oh my " she whispered, as she gently put her hand over the adorable creature.

 " Oh my " she whispered, as she gently put her hand over the adorable creature

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"Alihihhaa " The baby giggled. It then caught hold of Sara's finger and gave a cute laugh. Sara cooed and she bend forward to give the baby a kiss on his chubby cheeks.

" Whose baby are you baby ? " Sara cooed, while the baby giggled.

" Where the **** is Aron ? " A shout was heard in the house. Sara cringed as the voice hurt her ears. She recognized it to be Casy's. Damn, she missed everyone.

" Baby  don't swear in front of the baby " Sara gave a small smile as she recognized Jackson's voice. She could feel tears in her eyes. She felt chubby hands touching her face and looked down to see the baby looking curiously at her. 

" I'm an aunt " Sara realized, and as if understanding her, the baby gave a laugh.

" I can swear because the baby is not here " Casy shouted back

" Calm down girl, he must be playing around " Said someone, who sounded a lot like Gina.

" Oh God, my poor baby... "Casy said . Sara smiled as she looked at the chubby face. He was giving her a mega watt smile, making her go all awww

The door of her room banged open and Sara jumped in fright, pulling the baby closer to her. She turned to look at the door, and there stood Casy, with her mouth open. 

Casy stared at Sara, trying to form any words, but she was truly speechless. Her stare made Sara feel weird. She cleared her throat, " C-can I have water ".

" XANDER " Casy screamed on top of her voice. Sara cringed as the voice hurt her ears. They seemed extra sensitive to her. The baby started crying at the noise. 

" O-Oh my poor Aron... sorry " Casy rushed towards the crying bundle. She cooed to him, and he immediately calmed down.

" WHAT HAPPENED ? " Xander came bursting through the doors. " Is Sara fin- OH MY ******** GOD "

" Don't swear in front of the baby " Casy screamed as she bobbed Aron up and down. But Xander listened no more. He held Sara's face with love and adoration, while murmuring her name like a prayer.

" Xander....." Sara whispered back. Their sweet romantic moment was cut off when Logan barged in the room, followed by Jackson.

" S-Sara " Logan said, as he rushed to her, pushing Xander back. Xander growled, but Logan didn't pay attention to him. He hugged Sara, as Sara tried to breath through his hold. 

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