I gulped loudly as I began to warily take a small step froward to the kneeling boy on my kitchen floor. "H-Harry...?"

I hesitantly lowered myself down slowly as he ignored my calls for him, his eyes on the floor as I watched him chew on the bloody piece of raw steak. I felt like gagging at the sight of him as the cow blood ran down his white face and onto the tiled floor. I couldn't bring myself to even think of what was wrong with him right now. All I knew was that I was scared, so very scared.

"Harry." I whispered repeatedly, pleadingly bringing a a gentle hand over to his leg before delicately tracing my fingertips over his skin.

He gasped loudly and flinched back away from my touch, looking at me in dismay as the raw steak was now withdrawn from his lips and hit the floor. He showed suspicion and shock and it was almost like he didn't recognise me. I couldn't help but breath heavily as he stared at me in what seemed like curiosity. "D-Do I... Do I scare you?"

I swallowed incoherently before widening my eyes in concern, gazing at him as my stomach twisted and turned in fright. All I could do was simply nod.

He showed a hurt expression as his shoulders lost their firm structure, slumping before he intently kept contact with the floor. The back of his large hand rose to his mouth and gently wiped away the mess on his chin, but still kept it all over his wet lips. Not shortly after, his head warily started to raise from the floor again- with an evil smirk on his face. "I don't blame you."

In a short moment, his hand suddenly grasped hold of the fridge door and wickedly slammed it shut- getting rid of the only light visable and leaving me in the pitch black. "Harry!" I screamed in fright, shakily reaching my hands out and unsuccessfully trying to grasp hold of anything in reaching distance.

I heard him bitterly scurry in anticipation, sinister murmurs and giggles slipping past his lips as I silently prayed for safety. I couldn't think right now knowing that an unstable boy had lost his mind, and that I was now in the darkness as he lurked around like it was muse.

I stayed completely still as I had to acknowledge surroundings, hopelessly reaching out for anything to grab onto. I was blinded from him and I didn't know whether it was the same for him. But something was telling me that even though I was not visible, he knew exactly where I was.

My heart dropped when I perceived the harsh blare of metal scraping against each other in short shrieks. I tried not to make a single sound as I could only make out what seemed to be the sounds of my cutlery draw gnawing together. That's when I realised what he was seeking, it was the kitchen knife.

"Jamie..." A devious voice rang, making me silence myself completely as I warily listened closely to his words. "Do I have to find you myself?"

I bit my lip in fright, crossing my arms quietly before placing a hand over my mouth to suppress myself. "Stop playing, baby, I just want to... talk."

I repeatedly shook my head to myself as I tried to keep my frightful tears in. I had to escape from him right now and call the hospital. I didn't give a shit about my job, I just had to get him somewhere safe.

Suddenly, he chuckled deeply to himself. "I spy with my little eye- something beginning with..."

My mouth parted in dismay before I felt a strong hand place itself onto my shoudler, making me squeal before I was pulled from the floor and securely pushed up against the counter. I felt his cold breath hit my face as he breathed against me harshly. I tried my best not to haul myself over and vomit at the sickening stench of cow's blood. "Found you."

My breathing quickened as I experienced the feeling of the cold steel being softly grazed against the skin of my jawline, causing me to freeze in both scare and suspicion. "Such a pretty face."

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