Have We Met?

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"Are you okay?"

Everything was with a white vignette and a sprinkle of contrast and brightness and blur.

I sighted a silhouette of a man. The only thing clear to me was his very alluring scent. He smelled like he was fresh out of the shower.

As the blur faded I saw two sparkling brown eyes stare directly into mine, gazing deep into my soul. Then I had the chance to get a look at face. He was, no doubt, very handsome that he would definitely pass for an angel. Radianlty and perfectly, his skin glowed like a sun gleaming, his dark brown hair was caressed by a wind that seemed to swirl around with the grace of butterflies, his cheekbones prominent under the sunlight. Then I noticed his beautiful lips moving,

"Miss, Hello?"

All of a sudden, all the effects had gone. That was when I realized that we were in one of those cliché situations wherein a girl would be careless enough to trip and at the same time lucky enough fall into a handsome guy's arms. Yeah, like those in movies. My right arm was embraced around his neck and my back was resting on his arms that curled around me.

My eyes widened. I stood up immediately and fixed myself. "Yes, I'm sorry."

The setting was in some plaza infront of some mall. There's this statue of some guy holding a sword upright. A lot of trees, yes, and also these bushes with pretty pink flowers. I don't recall being here sometime before.

In fact, I couldn't quite remember what happened before I saw his face. But for some reason my black skinny jeans smell like coffee and my wallet was open by that potted plant.

"Eh. It was I who caused your fall thus spilling your iced coffee all over your jeans. And then you, all of a sudden, proclaim that you're sorry. How ironic people are today." he protested with some cute little accent. He picked up the coffee cup and threw it in the trash bin. He stood a little taller than me. I guess he was about my age, maybe 16 or older.

 "C'mon, let's buy you a nice cup of iced coffee," he suggested with an inviting smile. I saw a dimple. Oh my, he has a dimple! Could this guy be any better?

I would've accepted his request, I really crave for iced coffee, but I should do what girls do.

"Oh no, you don't have to," I said.

"Seriously? Come on, it won't bother me. Please, I don't want anyone holding grudges over me." he said, then he grabbed my hand. "Let's go," he said with a smile. Oh well,  I tried.

I obediently followed where his soft hands dragged me to. To be honest I don't really remember buying iced coffee from anywhere today. But whatever, let the guy do what he wants.


"Here you go." He handed me the cup of iced coffee.

"Thank you," I responded. I took his generous offer and had a sip.

He tucked his hands in his pockets and looked left and right.

"I guess I better get going, nice meeting you." He flashed me another dimpled smile, I smiled back.

"Oh, goodbye. Thanks for the coffee." I said. He waved goodbye, then turned and walked away.


"Shit!" I shouted. I left my wallet in that plaza. I believe there's no use in going back there, someone must've took it already. The world is surrounded by thieves, and I think one of them has stolen my wallet. How in the earth am I going home now? I can't possibly walk home.

"Any problem Miss?" I heard a voice say, but that voice was no stranger.

There he is again, that stunning face, just when I need him. Like a knight in his shining, uhm, car-mour. He's in a shiny white car, behind the window rolled down. He stared at me, waiting for a response.

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