Chapter 1

Dear bubbly Avery,

I have no idea why mum is making us do this; I mean we share the same freakin birthday for god sake. I mean this "birthday letter" is so not necessary. Mum is like so stone age, (DON'T SHOW HER THIS LETTER) back to the subject, oh yeah happy birthday!! woohoo party! Can you believe it we are already fourteen? It feels like just yesterday we were just eight year olds. Where we only cared about who got the latest Barbies but now we care about the latest shoes or lasts trends (or maybe only I do) the point is that we changed, but our dreams and future plans didn't, right? You become a successful singer and I become an amazing designer and of course have my own brand. We tour around the world, be on the cover of magazines and end up with zillion of cats and die together. Same day, same minute near each other, that does not change no matter how old we grow. I don't want make this letter boring like others, will I mean I can guess what they will write to us. Paul will write a lecture about life and how important opportunities are (like always) Beatrice will write a stupid long letter about finding your soul mate (ewww) Johnny will be blabbering about how good looking he is and what a chick magnet he is. Well Prue gonna write how miserable she will make our life, the red head twins will draw us bunch of flowers and lastly the blondy twins will probably pull a prank on us instead. So yeah my letter is the best and you can't deny it. I hate to admit this but Avery, you're truly my soul sister and I have no idea what the hell would I do without you. I love you! Don't make me say it again!!

Your sexy twin sissy

Dakota xx

I folded the letter back in to the box, I have no idea why did I read it. Every time I would promise myself not to read but end up doing it, it's so ironic how it still makes me laugh and cry. I laid down my bed and stared outside the window, I could see scattered cars everywhere in our neighborhood. I could even hear murmuring of people coming out the house, I can hear someone saying "oh poor Hilary, how could she bare it?" and another "well she has other kids, ten is more than enough" that comment got me pissed. How could someone say that? Losing a child is hard no matter how many kids a mother might have. I felt tears streaming down my face, I kept denying the fact I lost Dakota, my twin sister. My life.

I heard the door open slowly, "Avery?" a soft voice called my name, "avy?" then I recognized the voice it was Beatrice. Beatrice is my oldest sister, she is 22. You know she's the girl any parents would be proud of, she is gorgeous. Long burnet hair, green gleaming eyes and one thing that made the guys go wild was her dimples. In spite her good looks she was no dummy, she was a law student in Harvard University. Beatrice was one of the closes siblings other than Dakota; I remember when I was ten, Beatrice was out late on her very first date. She had to sneak from the back door so my parents won't catch her, I heard her enter my room, "Beatrice?" I called out; she looked at me and smiled. "Shhh...Avery make a place for me." she whispered making her way to my bed. I moved making her a place, "why are you late?" I whispered, I felt her arms wrap around my waist. "Oh Avery, got alto to tell you" she said happily that I could feel her smile. She started going on about the guy, he's name was Ted and he was the hottest guy in school and other stuff I couldn't remember because I was really sleepily but I didn't want to sleep because Beatrice never used open up to anyone I mean especially to me. I tried my best o keep focus, but I couldn't help wonder why is she telling me this? Why couldn't she tell Chelsea or Dakota. "What does it feels like to be in love?" I asked out of the blue, she giggled. "Well, it's really different than anything I ever felt. It's...really intense but in a good way. You get butterflies when ever you see the person you're in love with. And get this overwhelming excitement once they talk you, you feel like everything is possible." She whispered, after that night she would cuddle with me every single night and tell me how her day went. After her breakups she would cuddle up with me at night, sobbing and complaining about things. I grew so attached to her, I knew at night she'd creep inside my room and pushes me aside to tell me how her day went. I never knew why. She cried more than me when she had to leave for collage, she said nothing would change. But she was wrong everything did change. On thanks giving she brought along her collage boyfriend, Chris. Not that he's bad or anything it's just that he was her everything and I became nothing. She stopped cuddling with me at night, stopped telling me about how her day went and stopped paying attention to me. She would say hi and hug me but that was it, she would talk to my other sister Chelsea who was two years older than me. Chelsea was like a real life Barbie. She was natural blonde, blue eyes and got a fit body. All boys run after her like some kinda magnet. I felt like an outsider since I wasn't close with any of my siblings. Prudence who was 4 years younger than me, was not at all close with me she was more like a tomboy loved sports she was my brothers girl and the partner in crime for my younger siblings who were twins. Rosanna and Makayla were eight year old and jimmy and josh were six. Them and prudence were trouble makers of the house, and then comes my older brothers. Paul is the eldest one, he is twenty three a much known journalist and a good looking guy and my other brother, Johnny is nineteen and the captain of the collage's football team. He was the chick magnet, more like a player. They both were the kinda guys any dad would be close with, no matter how big my family I always felt alone but Dakota was the only one who made me feel wanted. She was loved by the whole family, why? Well because she's full of life, bright and very humble. No one could hate her; she was the one who got the family together. She annoyed mum, daddy's girl and an amazing sister. The one you can talk to, the one you can count on and lastly the one that makes you believe.

"There you are" Beatrice voice echoed in the room as she slowly walked to me. I could see her eyes so red like she had been crying, "oh Avery" she said when she saw tears in my eye and hugged me. "It's okay Avery" she said stroking my hair her voice choked like she was about to cry but she held herself. "Listen" she lifted my chin, "there are people downstairs that came for us; we have to be there to appreciate it." I nodded. She gave me a sad smile and walked out. I stood up, whipped my tears and got ready to walk downstairs, to attend my sister funeral.

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