Shattered Silence

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Shattered Silence


Thunder clapped from the skies and I rose to my sitting position in an abrupt manner. Sweat drifted down my forehead, trickling down my face. My eyes were wide as I placed a hand above my head, trying to ease the throbbing ache. I can feel my heart thumping inside my chest.

I’ve been having dreams from the past few nights.

But I just don’t get it . . . when I wake up, there are no memories of it in my brain. It felt as if, the more I tried to remember what happened, the more it fades away. The dream appeared to be slipping from my grasp.

I grabbed my hair due to frustration and growled at myself.

How can I not remember?


“You seemed really . . . worn out.” Rosy quipped as I took the seat in front of the table and stared at the plate full of food. I shrugged my backpack off my shoulder and placed it beside me.

We are currently facing the other members of the pack inside the pack-house. Aunt Farris, Rosy and I were forced to stay here for a while because of the damage done to our house from the last battle between Darren’s pack and Adrian’s flock. The Michaels didn’t seem to mind. They said it’s their littlest way of apologizing for the destruction they caused. However, Adrian was helping rebuild the broken sections of the house.

I yawned and waved my hands at her, using my sign language. “For the hundredth time! You can speak, kay?” She shoved a spoonful of her food inside her mouth and chewed.

I smiled at her with a blank expression. “Sorry, I forgot.” I yawned again, covering my mouth. Grabbing the spoon, I scooped up a Zoe’s Japanese fried rice and sliced some egg. “Wow,” I said, swallowing the food I just chewed. I wasn’t surprised—it always tasted good. “You really are a prodigy in the kitchen, Zoe.” I looked at Darren’s mom and she beamed at me.

“Woop! Finally, someone recognizes how delish my dish is!” She giggled.

“Mom, stop acting like a child . . . please? Why can’t you be more serious like you did before?” I glanced at my right to see Darren. His blonde hair was messy and he was wearing a button-up shirt with fading jeans. He stole the seat beside me and rubbed the back of his neck while doing so.

As he looked at me, a smile curled onto his face.”Hey, babe.” He winked.

I raised a brow at him questioningly, making him chuckle. "Don't call me babe . . . it's pretty annoying." I told him. It didn't really flatter me. It sounds more of a punch line. Well, because it is. I prefer being called by my nickname or full name. Babe sounds really uncomfortable and Saf was still cuter.

“You seem pretty upset. Anything wrong?” He asked, his expression shifting from cocky to a worried one.

 “No. Just didn’t get enough sleep.” I said.

“But the Saf I know wouldn’t let her sleep-depraved self to get into the way. Tell me, something’s bothering you.” It was Rosy who spoke up.

I glanced between Rosy and my food. “How can you know me so well?” I chuckled.

“Because I’ve been with you since we were in diapers. It’s normal for me to know.” She answered while chewing and pointing her fork at me. “Now, tell me what’s up.” It was more of a command.

“Just a bad dream.”

“Another one? Come on, Saf! Tell me what you have been eating before going to bed. Had any midnight snacks lately?”

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