Mystery of the Stars

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We focus our sights upwards upon an ocean of black,

hiding within it the mystery of the stars.

Perhaps the gods above will grant us what we lack,

raining down their blessings from afar.

How far will we go to attain what we can not possess?

refusing to acknowledge that we were never meant to coalesce.

These are the morbid depths of human desire,

demonic ecstasy stops at nothing to reveal what they inquire.

Mere fools cloaked in opulent attire,

infection and taboo fruition transpired.

An ancient mystery is about to be unraveled,

how far will our terrible passions travel?

The eldritch truth is nearing revelation,

mysteries hidden since the birth of creation.

We seek it thus, and pray to the skies,

in hopes that the cosmos will grant us eyes.

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