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A/N: suggestive language, yw

Theodosia's POV
Merde. What the fuck was I doing? Why the fuck did I turn down the only person who even wanted to have a conversation with me?

I'm so ducking bi-polar.

I need to sit down, with my bi-polar self.

He was talking to you. He was being friendly. You're supposed to be friendly back. What in the literal hell is wrong with you??

Anything you fucking want you can't have. Just like your mother. Just like your only best friend in the history of forever. Just like your older not really best friend.

It's stressing me out. Our dorms weren't separated by gender; they weren't separated at all. You can be on any floor and in any room, basically.

So I tried finding Philip's dorm room. Apparently, he was sharing the dorm with Martin Van Buren, who was honestly quite bothersome. Some kids called him Martin Van Ruin. What a party pooper.

I didn't have any more classes for the rest of the day, and neither did Philip, since we have the same last class.

Well, I technically have roughly 525,600 chances to talk to him. This will just be the first.

I knock on the door once. "Um... hello?"

There was some rattling inside the dorm. "One minute!" I heard Philip shout.

I heard some fast rapping with a Latin tune in the background. Most likely In the Heights. I love that musical. That was comforting.

Philip opened the door with a towel wrapped around his waist and nothing else.

"Holy shit, I dwasn't expecting you...but hey!"

I tried not to focus on the erect penis that was against the thin white towel. I tried.

I clear my throat. "I wanted to apologize for... freaking out on you. It's just that I've been going through a lot and on top of it all, starting college and seeing you it's just a lot and I really just don't know what to do about it i mean my grades are fine but I need to learn how to confidently talk to peop--"

"Breathe. You're okay. If you want, I can help you gain some more confidence with your communication skills," he says, his voice full of promise.

"Really?? Wow, thank you, Philly!"

I reach up a little to give him a bear hug and then I remember that he's wearing a thin towel.

I could practically feel his dick thumping, and honestly, that's quite disgusting.

I blushed hard, my face becoming a tomato. I pull away, even though I probably wouldn't, except the towel issue.

"Well, I can't teach you in a towel. Just make yourself comfortable. I'll be right out."

I walked around to his side of the room. It was clean and neat, unlike mine. I started messing with his shoe boxes, getting sort of bored. Golly goobers, he had a lot of shoes.

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