Blood of the Ancients

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Eldritch truths begging to be found,

moldy scriptures written with phantasmagorical fluid.

Sunken below with ancient lore abound,

legacies once lost were now uprooted.

Subterranean labyrinths gave birth to the legend,

to greater things human spawn were destined.

Heightened senses and visions of unseen forces,

morbid intrigue fueled their endless courses.

Studies of the alien text amounted to nothing,

as only a chosen few were chosen to see.

Terrible things unfit for discussing,

unlocking the mind with an amorphous key.

The chosen ones plucked out their eyes and gazed with blind perception,

granting them visions of boundless misconceptions.

Communion with the cosmos brought about a brooding flood,

and the mentor of the stars spoke, 'fear the ancient blood.'

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