Plague of the Serpent

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Enlightenment gained from the venom of the serpent,

the poison swells and forms another unwilling servant.

The warmth of the festering serpent's blood drew upon pure euphoria,

boiling gore floods great noria.

The plague of the serpent birthed by the tempted queen,

mournful contact with those beyond the moon's gleam.

It all began when a maiden desecrated the sacred fruit,

spreading the disease of catastrophe from its withering roots.

Knowledge became disease, infecting foolish wanderers,

insomnia of wickedness wriggled through senseless ponderers.

Ascension of humanity came far too quick,

shedding the shells of skulls once thick.

The blind mannequins bit off more than they could chew,

distaste for the lies of divinity rendered the world askew.

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