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Y/N P.O.V:

"Uuuh...Bye." I said before starting to run away, well more like, trying to run away. As I turned to the other way to run, I found him in front of me.

"Don't run away, i'm not gonna eat you." He chuckled making me shook.

"What makes me believe you?" I raised my brow.

"I don't know? Lets go, its starting to get dark." He said, I just stood in place staring at him.

"Do I have something on my face? I don't want that necklace of yours" he shrugged making me gasp.

"What?" He asked. I just stayed silent and kept looking at him.

"How do you know I have a necklace?" I asked.

"Because you're that Black Flower every demon is chasing! The scent of your blood is so strong I can smell you from Narnia" He explained. I nodded slowly.

"How did you become a demon?" I changed the topic as we continued walking.

"Oh, I was doing the 'Nae nae' with my friend in the street, but when I had to do the 'whip', I accidentally punched him and he got pushed to the road when a truck was passing by" He replied.

"Damn, you're so dumb." I mumbled.

"He was a hoe anyways so I don't mind his death" He said making me chuckle.

"Even if you are dumb, you sound interesting. I honestly have a question hunting my mind these days..." I started.

"What is it?" He raised his brow.

"What happens if a Black Flower dies? Like I'm not a human even if I didn't die" I said.

"Well I don't know much about Black Flowers, but I know the answer to your question" He answered.

"When you are not dead yet, you will rather be a Black Flower or a human. But when you die, you rather be a Demon or an angel. Like you already know, it depends on what you did before you died, when a Black Flower dies, it's exactly like a human, you will be a demon or an angel in your second life." He said making me nod.

"You probably know that you don't immediately be an angel or a demon once you die. When you die, you will find the door of heaven or the door of hell opened in front of you." He explained.

"Let's consider you die and go to heaven, you are not immediately being an angel. You will choose between passing the 777 stages and become an angel, or just living normally in heaven and having everything you want, it's the same thing for people who go to hell. Obviously for us, it's shit staying in hell, so almost all of people in hell pass the 666 stages to become demons and be able to go out from hell." He added.

"Woah" I said.

"And your girlfriend? How old are you bro?" I asked.

"I died at 20 years old, and passed the 666 stages, every stage takes a month." He said, I started counting.

"So you're about 75 years old? Oh my god" I gasped.

"I don't know to be honest...I suck at math, I only know how to count my dabs" He said making me chuckle.

"Your girlfriend is 7 years older than you, dayum, I thought she was 62 years older" I became Demonshook.

"It's better if you don't count a person's age after she dies because once you die, the age you died in freezes, that's why I don't have wrinkles even if I'm '75' years old" He explained.

"You're right" I smiled.

"But how did you die tho?" I asked.

"It's because when I pushed my friend to the road, I ran to him to pull him from the road, but it was too late, as I followed him to the road, the truck passed by and both of us died, I regret trying to save him" He said making me giggle.

"I should go now, take care" He handed me my bags back before waving at me.

"Bye!" I smiled.

I actually found him so fun to hang out with, who said that this kid could be a demon.

As I was walking, my eyes fell on a something making a smirk creep my lips.



I woke up feeling uncomfortable, I slowly opened my eyes to be greeted with my girlfriend's face.

"Y/N..." I mumbled. She just gave me a smile, not a very innocent one tho...

I tried sitting on the bed but got pulled back by something strong.

That's when I realised I was tied up to the bed...

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