clay jensen

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In this, Clay confesses his love to you

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In this, Clay confesses his love to you.

"Y/N..I have a question." Clay said. "Yeah?" You asked. He look nervous. "Um..I like this girl and I don't know how to tell her." He said. Ouch. That hurt. "Okay well just tell her how you feel." You said. "What if she turns me down?" He asked. "Clay you are such a sweet, caring, handsome, guy. Who would turn you down?" I said. He blushed and smiled. "Could we practice? You be the girl." He said. I nodded. "Listen..I really really like you. You're so beautiful, and sweet. I love your smile and laugh. And your not like any other girl. You're super fun to hangout with. I love you." He said.

"Clay that's so sweet! I'm sure the girl will not turn you down. Now go tell her!" I said. "I already have." He said with a smirk. "Seriously?! Clay I love you too!" I said smiling. He hugged me. Finally!

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