(7) Broken Angel

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The next afternoon, I stumbled out of bed. My head hurt so much! I held my hand to my forehead and let out a sigh as my eyes scanned the room, my table cluttered with empty bottles and boxes of chocolates. It looked as if a whole party of people had been here last night.

I grimaced and headed to the kitchen where I made myself a hot chocolate and sat down. I tried to remember what had happened but my memory had seemed to evaporate overnight.

I walked to my tv and switched it on. It was still stuck on the setting for DVDs and I saw the menu for the bad romance. The memories then came flooding back.

I stuck my hand in my pocket (I was too drunk to even get changed) and found the business card. Crap.

I sat down again and scanned it. The woman seemed so polite and well off that it was easy to see that she wouldn't have been charged. There needed to be proper evidence.

I pondered on how to change this when the phone rang. I ran towards it, my head throbbing with every annoying ring. When I got to it, I picked it up.

"Hello, Grace here." I said in a polite tone.

"Hey sweetheart, its me. I'm coming over in half an hour so get ready."

With that the phone went dead. It wasn't creepy though, I knew it was Phillip so everything was ok.

I looked around and decided I needed to clean up the evidence from last night. Phillip wouldn't approve. I grabbed the glass bottles and put them in the recycling, did a very quick bit of washing up then headed to the bathroom to shower.

Afterwards, I quickly got dressed in a plain pair of jeans and a light blue t-shirt with my slippers to top the whole outfit off. Beautiful.

Just then the doorbell rang and I whizzed towards it, swinging the door open. Phillip grabbed me and kissed me on the lips. "Hello gorgeous." He said. That's another thing that is great about him. I don't feel pressured to look nice.

We walked into the front room and chatted but I could tell something was bothering him. Finally, I made him spit it out.

"Darling" he whispered, coming to kneel in front of me. He pulled out a box from his pocket and opened it up in front of my eyes. Inside was a silver ring with a great big diamond slapped on top. It was gorgeous and probably extremely expensive but it wasn't really my style. I thought it was a bit tacky.

Anyway, what was I doing talking about what it looked like? He wanted to get married!

I didn't really know what to say but in the end I settled for a polite 'yes'. He twirled me round in his arms saying how lucky he was etc. I just smiled.

I didn't tell him about Karen but later, after he left to do some work, I called her.

"Hello this is Grace here, I was looking for Karen?" I asked politely.

"Oh hello! Yes - about the dress?"

"Yes, I can come over anytime this week after 6pm."

We agreed to meet the next evening at her house. She gave me her address and we said goodbye.

The next day at work, I really couldn't concentrate. I was trying to think through what I could do to get her put in prison.

When 6pm came, I locked up the shop and drove down to her - Angelo's house.

I pulled up in the driveway of a large house. It looked very homely and I instantly felt under-dressed.

I pressed once on the doorbell and heard shuffling then the door swung open to reveal a man - probably in his late 50s. I held out my hand. "Hello, I am Grace, here to do a dress fitting for Karen?"

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