Deadman Wonderland-Death Row 死刑囚

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"An Exciting World Of Thrill And Chills... A Place Where Wishes Come True.. Kids And Grown-Ups Alike...Can Realized Thier Dream At Deadman Wonderland!" 

"Good Morning Ganta" "Oh Hey Mimi" Mimi stood aside next to ganta while he was sitting in his desk watching the commercial of deadman Wonderland. "Eating your breakfast at your desk again? Wheres Yamakatsu?" Ganta looked and mimi and looked back at the paused commercial "dunno", Mimi walked and sat in the desk infront of Ganta and turned and looked at him "what are you looking at?" ganta's eyes widen up abit since he was daydreaming abit "Oh, i was checking out this prison, we're visiting for our school trip" "ohh i think its gonna be cool, that place is supposed to be an ammusment park, right?"  "Supposedly, i dunno.. shouldn't we go overseas or something?" Ganta turned off the commercial and looked at Mimi "Might be nice to visit good old tokyo" Ganta drinked abit of the coffee he had in his hand "I don't remember it, i haven't lived there in ten years" then someone intruded the conversation "true that, you're a completely different person now"ganta and mimi looked to see who it was

"Good Morning Yamakatsu" mimi smiled at him, yamakatsu glared at Ganta "Don't freaking ditch me, man" Ganta complained back "You wouldn't get your lazy ass up" mimi laughed "how long have you two been playing that game last night?!" ganta stared at yamakatsu "He saved over my game!" "You haven't even got that far" Yamakatsu took ganta's little sub sandwich and ate in it all in one piece and was mumbling while he was talking "i bet all kind of people are going to tokyo" then swallowed the food "People who remember Aka Ana, too bad we all can't be like ganta, just forgetting things at will"  "what the hell! Look who's talking!"  mimi interuppted the conversation " know...all i care about is us having fun together before its time to study for the exam, where we go doesnt matter" "thats what school trips are for!" "Like last year, how we waited for the last minute, to pick nigano piro piro park but we all had a blast!" mimi played with a little charm that was hanging onto her bag, it seemed that yamakatsu and ganta also had the same charm as her, then the bell rang everyone took thier seats. then Ganta heard a familar song then he turned around and saw a strange red man wearing a red cloak outside the window, ganta gasped "he's floating!?" the red man looked at ganta and grined widely, ganta was shocked "But we're on the third floor!" then a weird purple circle appeared behind the red man which caught everyone's attention "whos that?" "whats happening" then red blood circled around him and he attacked the whole class, everything shattered and flew everywhere, the class screamed.. ganta fell off his desk and flew backwards and fell....

ganta woke up from under a broken desk with his head injured and bleeding "ow.." ganta struggle to stand up, there were glass on the floor "W-what was that?" ganta looked out the window, the skies were grey, the wall was stained with blood, and broken pieces of desk were piled up "what happened?" ganta covered his head while it was bleeding then turned around and saw mimi "hey mimi.. are you alri..." then his eyes widen and gasped and saw the red man holding mimi's head, Ganta screamed and back away leaning on the school lockers which was also stained in blood, the red man noticed him and threw away mimi's head and came closer to Ganta "Tch" and summoned a red blood crystal in his hand, Ganta stared at him in a frighten way "i'm going to die.."  the red man stabbed the red blood crystal into his chest and everything became blurr to ganta as he fainted....

then ganta opened his eyes and saw a white room with light green sort of curtains and turned and saw a nurse, ganta was laying in a bed in the hospital unconsciously, then a man came in with two other man walking from behind, the man held up a police sort of badge "you're igarashi Ganta right?" ganta sat up "yeah" the man put the badge back in his pocket "You're Under-arrest for the mass murderer of twenty-nine students" ganta was shocked "huh?". The News spreaded around about the murder of twenty nine students, ganta was accused for doing the murder. Then a random man came barging through "I'm Takami, from the office of the public defender, i'll be working with you" he gave his card to ganta.