"I think I'm gonna be sick", Normani groaned as she held her stomach, unsteadily stepping out of the tiny cart.

The rest of the girls got off and cheered. Camila had held onto Lauren the whole time as the ride turned upside down. Lauren didn't mind it though, she thought it was cute.

"See, it wasn't that bad", Lauren cooed as she hugged Camila who was still shaking from the ride. "You're still alive".

Camila looked up at Lauren and groaned, "It was horrible".

Lauren chuckled, "What ride do you want to go on next". Lauren turned to the rest of the girls and caught their attention.

"I don't want to go on any rides", Camila stated. "I wanna do something in those booths over there", Camila pointed to her left to where mini games were set up.

"We can go over there with you if you like?", Dinah said.

"No you guys can go ahead, I can just go by myself", Camila replied, shrugging her shoulders.

"Um...no", Lauren shook her head, grabbing Camila's hand. "I can go with you while the girls can go on another ride", Lauren suggested and Dinah, Normani, and Ally agreed.

"Okay, I guess that works", Camila nodded, looking at Ally. "Ally, you're the most responsible one so remember to call me when you guys are ready to go".

"Hey!", Dinah pouted. "I'm responsible too...kinda".

"She's right, Dinah", Normani agreed.

"Yeah right", Ally snickered at Dinah before she waved at Camila and Lauren. "Have fun girls".

Camila waved back as she led Lauren through the park and towards a game booth. Inside was a wall filled with balloons, some were small and some were big.

"Hello, welcome to the Balloon Pop!", The enthusiastic worker said, handing Lauren and I three darts. "Now, I have given you each three darts. On the count of my three you will try to pop as many balloons as you can. Big balloons are worth 2 points and smaller ones are worth 4."

Camila and Lauren nodded, as the worker began to count. Once the worker finished counting, Lauren immediately threw a dart, popping a big yellow balloon. Camila gasped, "How?".

Camila threw one and it hit the balloon, but it didn't pop. By this point, Lauren had one dart left while Camila had two. Lauren threw a dart again and it popped another big balloon. Camila huffed out and aimlessly threw her darts. It didn't even touch the balloons.

"How are you good at this", Camila threw her hands in the air and grumbled.

"Guess I'm good with my hands", Lauren winked and lightly nudged Camila on the arm. On the other hand, the worker completely understood the joke and their eyes widen.

"G-Good job, would you like to play again?", The worker stuttered, picking up the darts on the floor.

"No thank you", Lauren said. "let's go Camz".

Lauren walked over to another booth, putting her arms over Camila's shoulder. This one was called Groundhog Day. Above the booth were giant teddy bears that Camila awed at.

"Babe, I want that one so bad", Camila awed and jumped up to point at a giant fluffy unicorn.

"Oh my god that's huge", Lauren gasped, looking up at the stuff animal, touching its fur.

"Looking for something?", A voice came from behind Camila, almost startling her. She turned around and there stood a boy about her age with black hair and crystal blue eyes.

"No, but is this unicorn for sale or something", Camila asked the boy who was currently looking Camila up and down.

"Her eyes are right here, buddy", Lauren snapped her fingers in the boys face, joining their conversation. Camila scolded Lauren, apologizing to the boy in front of her.

"It's...um...15 dollars", The boy stammered over his words.

"15 freaking dollars" Camila complained, hesitantly pulling out her wallet, but Lauren stopped her and instead she pulled hers out.

"I can pay for it, baby", Lauren smiled and pulled fifteen dollars out of her wallet.

"No, Lauren, I got it", Camila resisted and tried to pull her wallet out again but lauren had already gave the money to the boy. The boy quickly took the money, imitated by Lauren's mean glare and he grabbed the fluffy unicorn from the rack above. He placed it in Camila's arms as she squealed, imediately hugging it, but it was nearly bigger than herself. Lauren laughed at how adorable she looked and took a quick picture.

"It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!", Camila laughed as she continued to squeeze the stuff animal. "But seriously, you didn't have to do that, Lo".

Lauren deeply kissed Camila, "Anything for you, Camz".


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