Oh My Robotic Shizuka-sensei! (Ongoing)

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"Is it ready?" the man in black asked a group of engineers in lab coat on a cold metallic room. The light is neon blue.

"Ah, Mister Mollie. The military needs the bot?" said Doctor Ellis, one of the engineers. The Doctor grabbed the blueprint and compared it with the prototype under construction. He made a smirk while hollowing his big blue eyes.

"Doctor Ellis," said Mollie while acting to seat on a bench near the entrance. "I do not pay you to give me your daunting humor. I pay you to fix that bot and it doesn't concern you where that bot goes. So, is it ready for merchandise?"

"Well, after we add the necessary weapons, the bot is good to go," replied Doctor Ellis. Ellis gestured Mister Mollie to go to a small lounge filled with sunlight, cookies, and freshly-brewed coffee. He closed its metal door after the latter entered the room.

"Does that pig even know what he's dealing with?" asked a young engineer.

"Which of them: the pear-shaped Einstein wannabe or the tomato-nosed tycoon?" said another.

"Shhh...quiet," said yet another engineer.

A brown-haired engineer dragged another brown-haired engineer towards the corner of the room, up the staircase to a small table. The latter sat on a steel chair. They talked whisphering.

"Are everything set, Comrade?" asked the sitting engineer.

"Doctor Stratt, are you aware of the weapons scheduled to be installed inside Mecha-X05?"

"No, none of us has that kind of information besides Ellis," answered Doctor Stratt. "Wait a minute. There are launchers in the wrist, two on the shoulders, a hidden scabbard at the back and some pockets near the ankle. An assassin, maybe?"

"That's why we need to get her out now."

"Her? The scheduled gender for the bot is 'female'? Somebody must be thinking differently." 

"I know women are being objectified as sex objects in these kinds of projects but when I hacked her files--"

"You ha--"

"Yes, Stratt, I hacked her files. The committee installed female organs because of me."

"Are you traced?"

"No, but it will not be long 'till they discover what I have done."

"So, what's the plan?"

"Engel will remove the trackers, I will set-up the van, you will activate the bot, and we will escape to Japan."

"Where are we, Jonathan?"

"I don't know, Stratt."

The metal door opened, diffusing the smell of brewed coffee and vanilla pastry.

"Well Mister Mollie, I'm sure this will be a huge success for both our firms," said Doctor Ellis.

"I know, Doctor. Just make sure it's done within the week," said Mister Mollie as a big elevator closed its large, metal sliding doors. Doctor Ellis went to his study, shutting its soundproof door.


Jonathan went to Doctor Ellis, rendered the latter unconscious, and obtained a master passkey. Doctor Engels, while talking with the two scientist, removed all tracking devices and gave the bot a wake-up call. Soon, the robot began to move.

"She's still weak. Get the lab coat, Georgie; we'll escape now, said Engel."

"Stratt, I got the key. Head to the sub," said Jonathan as he waives the passkey in the air. He then ran towards a tube that leads down to a submarine. All of the engineers entered the submarine. Jonathan closed the submarine and drove the scientists out of the facility.