The After Show

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Me and Holly sat there and talked about the amazing day and how excited it was to be able to do this together. Me and Holly have been through so much as friends and we knew that this was just another very special thing that we get to do together. We got lost in our girly converstation when Jason and Brantley were standing next to us. "Are you ladies ready to enjoy some rides before we call it a night?" Brantley said. "Yep, I am." Holly said. "So are we." I said trying to hide the fact I know that this amazing night would soon come to an end and my heart dropped at the sound of that. As we are walking Jason turns to me and says, "Are you okay?" "Yea just thinking how amazing this night has been and knowing its coming to an end soon is kinda got me down is all." Hope said. "Well, we still have a few hours before we have to say good bye so lets enjoy it." Jason said. "Alright sounds good to me." I said Next thang I know Jason is grabbing my hand and Its like I'm in heaven.

Jason's POV

The thought of knowing Hope was sad that this amazing night will becoming to an end also made me realize that I haven't had a good time in a long time. Being around her helps with all the sadness I have that I can't see my beauitful girls as much as I want. She is behond amazing could it be part of me is already starting to have feelings for her? But how is that possible that we just met today? I feel something for her everytime we touch just a little bit its like I'm back in high school and she is my first crush. I have to do something to make this night even more perfect and I have to see her again I need to talk to her about this and Pray to God I dont scare her away.

Hope's POV

We got over to the rides and we got our tickets. I looked at Holly and said,"Farris Wheel?" "Of course." Holly said and we both started to laugh. They guys looked at eachother like what did we miss and followed behind us girls. We all four got in the same bucket and waited for the ride to start when it finally did I looked over to Holly and her and Brantley were making out. "Oh Lord." I thought to myself. "Hope?" Jason said. "Yes." I said looking at Jason. "Can we talk for a little while?" Jason asked Right away my mind started wandering what he wanted to talk about and not going to lie my heart did drop when I thought it was going to be bad. "Yes we can." I said. It seemed like forever that the ride went on but finally it came to a stop and we all got off. "Ready for more?" Holly said. "You guys go and we will catch up here in a bit." I told her. Me and Jason found a place that was quite. "Hope I've Been thinking alot about everything that has happened today." Jason said. "Jason I have too." She said. "Please, Let me talk, this day has been amazing and I wouldn't want to change any of it for the world, it makes me sad knowing this night will be coming to an end and I don't want it to end, I guess what I'm trying to say is Hope I'm starting to fall in love with you." Jason said. My heart just skipped some beats at the sound of Jason saying he is falling in love with me. "Jason, the thought of knowing this night will soon come to an end and I may never see you again makes me wish there was a way to stop time that we could have this amazing night forever, I really really like you and want to see you more, and I guess what I'm trying to say is that each second, each minute, each hour we are together I'm falling more and more for you." Hope said. Jason smiled to the fact Hope feels the same way. By then it was going on 11 o'clock and they knew it wasn't to long before they would have to call it a night.

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