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Chapter Twenty-Four

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Disclaimer: None of this is mine, nor will it ever be (sigh). I like to play with the characters that Stephenie Meyers created and make them do pervy things or become angels with a bad attitude.

Up next will be Bella and her dealing with her emotions. Plus, going back to work and some drama with a blast from the past. Who will it be?

Chapter Twenty-Four


At Edward's insistence, I made an appointment with Olivia for Monday. I went in by myself and spent two hours processing my break down. Olivia was kind, understanding and pushed me to come to grips with why I lost it after I had that orgasm, using Edward. I wasn't upset about what we did. I was angry at what I had lost and I felt no different than those animals who'd raped me when I was in foster care.

But, I was different. Or so Olivia said.

Edward was a willing, active and loving participant. He wanted to feel me. He wanted to feel us and bring me pleasure. His tenderness was unexpected, to be honest. His eagerness to give me that pleasure was different because it was about me. Not him and his release, but only my feelings. Only my pleasure. Only my happiness.

I thought back to what he had said when we were driving back. He showed me ring and then flew us to Mount Saint Helens. He said that mountains moved to create the stone on my finger. He'd do at least that to get to me. The love he felt was plain on his face and as he poured his heart out to me, holding me as he hovered over the now-dormant volcano.

He'd move mountains.

Of course, Olivia didn't know that part of the situation. She couldn't know that my boyfriend was a guardian angel with powers to read minds, heal the infirm and wings that were the span of a large room.

When I was done with my appointment, I felt better. Olivia put my mind at ease and said that a jumped a significant hurdle this past weekend. If Edward and I continued to be intimate, it wouldn't be as intense. I thanked her, leaving the office. Alice was sitting in the waiting room. She looked sad, but hugged me. "You need some girly time. Edward is hanging out with Felix."

"So, I get girly bonding time and Edward gets to hang out with his dog?" I snorted.

"Yep," Alice snickered. "I think Carlisle is meeting with him, to discuss strategy. However, Edward was not thrilled to be separated from you. He's turned into a mother hen. Always hovering."

"He has a good excuse to be," I shrugged. "But, I'm glad you're here, Alice. I'm worried about you."

"I'll be fine," she said. "Yes, Jasper was recycled but hopefully, he'll learn from his past mistakes and join me in everlasting life. I've checked on him, visiting him in Texas. Colton is a handsome baby and I can see glimpses of my Jasper, with the shape of his face and eye color."

"Isn't that weird, seeing your one-true love as a baby?" I asked. "I mean, don't feel like a pedophile?"

Alice giggled. "It is odd, but for now, it's not a sexual love. That would be creepy. As he's growing up, I'll be there as a friend, confidante and protector."

"Will he remember his past? With you?"

"With the reason why he was recycled, probably not," Alice frowned. "I'll have to remember for us both." I was confused and curious. How would they fall in love again? Alice's face softened, leading me to a restaurant. We sat down, ordering some food and she leaned forward. "When the heart knows, it knows. We will always be drawn to each other. I hovered outside of Colton's bedroom window and he reached for me." She sipped her water, giving me a relieved smile.

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