Chapter 23

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Adrien's Pov

"So he just detransformed in front of you?Without having contact with his akumatized object?"Plagg asked and we both shook our heads.Y/N sighed and went inside her bedroom.

I followed after her and she just took out of her drawer a small box with camembert that she kept for Plagg.She gave it to Plagg to recharge and he thanked her eating some of it.

"Listen.This has happened before!"Plagg announced and I gave him a look to continue."But it happened apparently 2 thousand years ago. " He exclaimed and I swear I saw Y/N's jaw drop down to the floor.

"2 THOUSAND YEARS AGO??"It was truly shocking. Plagg nodded and ate all his food."Wow."Y/N gaped."Plagg,why-how did it happen?"I asked him.

"Well first of all I need to have some details of what happened."He said and we explained the situation to him.He nodded at every word we said.Plagg was never and I mean never serious with anything.This probably was really important.

"So let me get this straight,Y/N was making him feel better and then 'poof' he transformed back into himself?"Plagg asked and we nodded.He sighed and looked at Y/N.

"I need to tell you something really important " Plagg stated and we looked at him confused.


"You see, 2 thousand years ago, were the ancient Ladybug and Chat Noir.Those two always fought by each other's side!"

"Chat,the akuma must be in his bracelet!Go and smash it!"

"They were unstoppable"

"Got it Ladybug."

"But when matters got worse...they needed some help!"

"We need to call her"

"Are you sure?What if she gets hurt?"

"She won' me"

"There was another hero.And her name,was...Tigress"

"Tigress?Why haven't I've heard of her before?"I asked and Plagg turned my way."Tigress was the strongest miraculous yet,though, she didn't use a weapon...she used her heart"

"Tigress we need you to change him back!"

"Don't worry guys...I got this"

"Never did she ever fail at what she was assigned for.She was, unbeatable.....but,there was one day,where she had to risk her everything."

"Tigress,no...don't do this,there has to be another way to beat him"

"She needed to sacrifice herself,for her city..."

"I'm sorry Chat Noir.I just want you to remember..."

"Her people..."

"I love you"

"Her family..."

"Tigress I..."

"But most importantly..."

"I love you to"

"Her love for Chat Noir"


"And with that,she let go and fell down the void,to save everyone. From that day,she was the most brave heroine,that city ever had. So the people there,created a statue just for her and they kept it outside from their city walls,to keep away their danger,by their guardian angel,Tigress."

Plagg finished with his story telling and both me and Y/N had been left with shock.

"And what happened to Chat Noir?"Y/N asked and I nodded my head.

"Because Chat Noir couldn't live without the love of his life...he killed himself,by using cataclysm on himself"

We both gasped at Plagg's statement."So Plagg what does that have to do with anything? "I asked him.

"Well...I think we may have found our next Tigress."He pointed out as he looked at Y/N.Both our eyes widened.

"You don't mean..."Plagg just nodded and Y/N looked at me with wide eyes."So Y/N is going to be the new hero?"I asked and Plagg nodded.

I could see that Y/N was a little uncomfortable with this.She got up from her seat and backed away."No no no,I-I can't do this.I-I can't" She stated and I looked at her comfortingly.

"Why can't you?You'll be a great hero,trust me!"I exclaimed but she only shook her head,tears starting to prick out her eyes.I walked to her and hugged her.

"Are you scared?"I asked and I felt her head on my shoulder move up and down,meaning that she nodded.I nuzzled my way to her neck and then pulled away,kissing her cheek.

She smiled at me weakly making me also smile."Don't worry princess...what happened to the last Tigress won't happen to you...
I promise."I kissed her forehead and her breathing started to slow down.

I looked at her to see that she had doze of in my embrace.I slightly chuckled to myself and quietly picked her up,setting her on her bed.

I looked at Plagg and he just nodded.I transformed and headed back so I could leave Y/N rest and think about her decision.

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