"Very well then, once we have conquered his kingdom and we got all of his powers, then there will be a power sharing where each and everyone of you will be rewarded. I will give each of you a free hand to choose which power you prefer... unconditionally!" the monster with an evil smile on his face promised nothing but lies.

The gods and goddesses looked to each other as they nodding their heads thinking what they also wanted: to become the Great King and Queen of all. So, they immediately agreed to join the monster's plan.

King Jethro was so contented and happy to see his kingdom at peace. Everyone in the kingdom was living in prosperity and harmony. Not anyone, even the king himself knew nothing about the brewing danger posed in his kingdom. Though he had the best warriors and fighters in his arsenal, but the preparation to defend the kingdom was so relaxed except for some warriors patiently manning the area.

In the midst of the night, the monster's group finally arrived and lurking beyond the thick wall. Then they suddenly attacked King Jethro's kingdom with lightning speed. Caught unprepared, most of the king's warriors lost the fight against the powerful gods. Although most of the gods and goddesses' powers were weaker than of King Jethro, they still made to beat the king's warriors and the king himself. Majority of the warriors were annihilated instantly and what only left alive were the king and some survivors.

"Dear god," said the monster. "Now that we have you in our hands as a prisoner, you must surrender all your powers and we will spare your life. If not... you'll DIE!"

"Never! Over my dead body," the king replied. "You are a traitor and a ruthless monster!"

"A ruthless monster?" the monster laughed.


"Why? Does a monster like me not deserve to become the Greatest King of all?"


The monster turned to a goddess present in the king's throne. "I give you the freedom to speak!"

The goddess responded in retorted way. "How about us? We are gods too, but we are not happy with the powers we possess... They are too weak and useless!"

"Are you all not contented with those unique powers you possess?" asked the king. "You are all supposed to be my allies and friends, not him!"

"SILENCE!" the goddess slapped the Great King.

"We don't want our powers anymore and what we all want is yours! If you're not going to give up all your powers, then your people and your life will end here!"

"Remember this," said the monster. "You are now completely alone; and nothing to call on for help. You do not have any allies anymore! What you have now is nothing but the people who believe in you. We will kill one of your surviving warriors for every five minutes delayed in your decision and we'll put an end to you very soon, gwahahaha!"

The king who was severely wounded did not respond nor fought back at them, thinking the welfare of the people and not for his own good, so he surrendered all of his powers as well as his powerful elements to the gods and goddesses and to the monster himself. But, the king secretly hid his one ultimate power behind his belt...

The group decided not to hurt the king and spared his life, instead they left his wounded body alone with his devastated kingdom. King Jethro lost everything that made him the Great King including his powers. He wept alone, as his warriors and his whole kingdom were gone in oblivion.

The group was still very much unsatisfied with the powers they took from the king as they clashed and yelled to each other. The other god said that he did not want the power he got from the king. The other goddess also said the same thing. Craving for more powers and greediness lead to chaos among them.

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