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A girl of 11 knocked on the heavy oak door; she pushed it further and walked it, and said “You called for me, Aunt Minerva?”

Minerva nodded and ushered her in, sitting next to her, “Yes, dearie,” She said, holding her by her shoulders, “Emily, this may be shock but you need to know…”

Emily cocked her head with such innocence, “Need to know what, Aunt Minerva?” She asked. Minerva walked gingerly to her desk and took a photo and showed it to her, “Your mother and father,” She said calmly, “I trust that you know them judging by every book you’ve read”

The girl abruptly stood up from the seat, the photo in her hand, "How can I be the daughter of Lily and James Potter?!" she said, her eyes gleamed with curiosity and rage.

“It was the eve of Halloween; I decided to pay a visit to your parents. Your father went to the kitchen to feed you but then He came in. It all happened too fast, Emily. Your father still had time though; he gave you to me to protect you, to run away… But I couldn’t leave your mother and your brother-“

“I have a brother?”

She nodded, “Twin brother, he was upstairs with your mother. She told me to run while I still can and I did… There was no way I could rescue them, Emily, not even with magic.” Minerva said with remorse, “After that, I sent a friend to go to the ruins. And I was ordered to send you away-“

“I-I don’t care about that orphanage! Where’s my brother?!” Emily asked her voice cracking.

Minerva looked into her teary green eyes, the same eyes she saw 11 years ago in Godric’s Hallow which were in pure pain as Voldemort struck her with a curse, “He’s in Surrey, your brother is perfectly safe there.” She said, trying to calm her, “His name is Harry.”

Emily’s head shot straight up and let out a groan, “Why were we separated?” She asked relentlessly, “I-I mean why-“

“Because it’s safer,” Aunt Minerva interrupted sounding quiet harsh, “You will know soon enough about you and your family. Now go get to bed, we have a big day tomorrow.” She ordered, rearing her to her room.

"Of course, Aunt Minerva." she said obediently as she walked upstairs.