Chapter Four

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"He is beautiful isn't he? "

"Yes your majesty,  he is very beautiful."

I slowly opened my eyes,  and the memories of the last two days of my life came back to me.  The capture,  the ride,  but I didn't remember  how I got in this room.

I raised my head to the owner's of the voices and scrunched my brows in confusion. 'Who are they? '.

"Excuse me,  but may I ask who you people are and why I'm in this bedroom.?"

The male laughed and his shoulders moved with him.

"You are in my bedroom , my love."

I stared at the man in confusion.  He continued to smile with those gleaming whites.

"Why might I ask? "

The female raised her hands to her face and laughed. 

"You will have a curious bride your Majesty. "

My eyes widened on their own accord and I gagged a little. Bride. I would be no one's  bride.

"I'm sorry but bride? "

"Yes you are my bride sweet one. "

I gasped at the horror of it.  I would be married to a man,  and a king at that.

"I'm sorry you must have the wrong person.  I have never agreed or even been proposed to to be someone's bride. I will take my things and be on my way. "

I started out of the warm bed and was hit with a sharp cold air.  Startled,  I looked down to see my clothes we're gone and had been replaced with a thin ladies nightgown.

"What the devil. May I have my clothes please?"

The man smirked at my small curse and started forwards towards my small frame.

"No can do sweetheart.  Your clothes we're burned along with the rags your mother wore. You are my soon to be bride, and your mother is my soon to be mother in law.  I wouldn't want you to have to dress like commoners. "

I sneered.  "We are commoners and if you don't acknowledge that I promise you it will not be wise. On your part of course. "

He stepped closer to me and I took a step back.

"How can a delicate flower such as you threaten your king and soon to be husband?  You are not a commoner anymore,  for you are to be my wife.  And I will treat you that way. So from here on out  you will become the future bride of King Alexander John Michael the fourth. Do you understand flower."

I stared at him , shocked at his dominant tone.  I had not expected him to be that short tempered.

"I'm sorry but I simply can not be someone's bride.  I am a male. I cannot reproduce. "

He smiled bright.  "That's where your wrong dear. You may be male but you are able to reproduce,  and it is you who will bear my heirs and love. "

I laughed at his declaration of moronic words.

"You are priceless.  May I ask how you know I am able to reproduce?  And why you think I will bear both your children and your love? "

"You will bear my children, you will bear my love if I give it to you, and you can reproduce but I will not tell you my resources. Now let Elizabeth run the basics of the castle to you.  You will start your training to become Queen of Tera.  Good day ."

I blinked at him as he walked out of the heavy door with an intimidating stride. 

"Oh my,  he's a handful isn't he? "

The maid said as she shook her head. I said nothing and studied the pale skinned woman. She was taller than me and was curvy.  Not the petite size I myself possessed . Her long jet black hair contrasted with her skin.  Her eyes  were a color that couldn't decipher if it wanted to be blue or gray.

I looked down at the nightgown I was wearing and sighed.

"Do you think I could wear something less revealing than this? "

She looked at my attire and I blushed using my arms to cover my front.

"You can wear something less revealing , but I don't think you'll react to it in a good way. "

I shook my head , " It's fine as long as I don't have my southern hemisphere showing I should be okay with it."

"If you say so. "

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