Bora Bora Part 5.

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We were having a ball on the Jet Ski's racing around making the girls squeal while we chuckled and went faster. We stopped for a while and looked to see the girls soaked.

Y/n:"Well, aren't you'll wet"I said smirking making the guys chuckle and the girls roll their eyes and shake their heads.

Bella:"Perv"She mumbled making me chuckle and shrug. We got to shore and and hopped off the Jet Ski's making the girls run off the get a few drinks while laid back on the chairs talking.

Zayn:"I haven't felt this relaxed in so long"He said while we laid there making us all nod.

Abel:"You telling....I haven't sat down this long ever...."He said making us all laugh and shake our heads.

Taco:"So Y/l/n...."He said trailing off making me look at him and raise an eyebrow"Hows things with Hails?"He asked smirking making the others chuckle while I laughed a little and smiled.

Y/n:"Good...We're getting back to old habits"I said making them laugh.

Tyga:"We can kinda see that"He said making me chuckle and shake my head. We were busy talking when the girls came up to us and sat down next to us making us look at them and smile thanking them for the drinks.

Y/n:"Thanks ladies...."I said making them all nod and join our conversation. The girls looked at us and pouted making us look at them a little confused.

Gigi:"Lets go for a swim"She said showing us her best puppy dog eyes making Zayn sigh.

Zayn:"Do you see what I go through...."He mumbled making us chuckle while Gigi shoved him a little making him chuckle.

Kylie:"Come on guys..."She said making us nod and wake up making them all squeal and drag us to the water. I chuckled and looked at the guys giving them a look making them smirk and nod.

We carried the girls bridal style and ran into the water making them squeal and wrap their arms around our necks, we literally ran into a wave making us all go underwater. We all came to the surface and laughed while the girls splashed us with water making us laugh more.

Kendall:"You'll are such assholes!"She said splashing us more making us chuckle and grab them making them squeal more and laugh.

Hailey:"Baby!"She squealed as I wrapped my arms around her and tickled her a little.

Gigi:"Oh my god!"She giggled as we were tickling them. We chuckled and continued till we could see them finding it a little hard to breathe cause of the laughing.

Kendall:"I'm s-sorry"She said between laughs making the guys look at me and nod making us let them go and them all sigh in relief.

Tyga:"That was entertaining"He said making us laugh and them glare at us.

Abel:"Oh come on! It was funny"He said making us laugh a little more. They were holding their glares for a few minutes until smiles broke out onto their faces making us grin back at them.

Bella:"You'll are lucky we love you'll"She said making us all smile and go to them.

Hailey:"You're such a dork"She mumbled as I hugged her making me chuckle and look at her with a smile on my face.

Y/n:"I may be a dork but this dork would do anything to make you smile"I said making her blush and hide her face in my neck making me chuckle and kiss her head"Did I mention that I have a thing for shy girls"I said making her pull away and giggle at me.

Hailey:"Yeah...You said it on our second first date"She said making me chuckle.

Y/n:"Our second first date?"I asked amused making her nod and wrap her arms around my neck making mines go to her waist and pull her closer.

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