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Ava's POV

I sat there, on the bench, looking down at the hill and the growing view in front of me. It was a little windy but very warm and nice. My hair flowed in front of my face but I didn't brush it away. I let it set there and I closed my eyes. It was just as peaceful in the darkness as it was when I was looking at the view. And it felt great. Oh, how it felt great.

"Ally?" a voice filled my ears, as it came from a few feet away.

Don't get confused by the name, my mom wanted them to call me Ally while I was here, making them happy with my stay.

Oh, and now you're probably wondering who's 'them'. Don't worry, you'll find out soon.

I opened my eyes to the same view and looked behind me. My personal nurse Sophie stood there, her toes burried in the grass.

"Yeah?" I asked her.

"Your personal session is starting soon." she told me with a slight smile on her lips.

"Thanks." I smiled at her and then with a nod, she walked away.

I pushed myself up from the bench and slowly but surely started my way back inside. There were other patients, some of them were familiar and some of them not, enjoying the weather outside on the terrace with their personal nurses. I waved at Micah, who has been here longer than I have and she helped me to get to know the place more. She smiled at me and continued sunbathing.

As I stepped inside the cool ventilated air hit my bare legs instantly.

"This way, Ally." Sophie hollered and I followed her to the 'Sunshine' room with the same view I saw when I sat on the bench.

Sophie gave me my bottle of green juice and then left the room. I sat down on the couch and snuggled up against my bent legs, drinking my greens. Soon there was a knock on the door and in a few second Dr. Hammond came in.

"So, have you packed your bags?" she smiled at me while sitting down on the chair a few feet away from the couch I was sitting on.

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