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I woke up by the slight movings of my body. I tried to pry my eyes open but they seem to be really heavy to even open. After a little bit of struggle I opened my eyes only to be met that I am not in my chamber rather in a carriage.

Realization dawned upon me, about the attack on our kingdom and me running away from my father, Alice and all the people I love.

Again those tears that are falling from my eyes starting taunting me that I was not good enough to help my father at that time. But this is not a time to blame myself. It is time to be strong. My eyes wandered around my surroundings and I was in a carriage which does not allow me to see what is happening outside because of the curtains that are on the either side of this carriage. I moved the curtains away and was met with darkness.

How...how, when I left the palace it was morning, so I have been fainted for that long. I do not even know what had happened to those soldiers who were there for me. I do not get what these people want from my father and my kingdom. My father has not done anything wrong ever.

It's like expecting a lion to not eat you because you have not eaten it.

My conscience mocked me. But I know that this time she is true. It's a cruel world. Nobody is a friend. Everybody is an enemy in disguise of a loyal friend. And when time comes they don't even wait a second before thrusting the knife of betrayal straight to your heart. My father would not even know that I had been kidnapped but the real question is, is he alright? I do not even know a single thing that has happened in the palace and that thing is making me more anxious. The carriage came to a halt and there is some shuffling out side so I quickly shut my eyes again pretending to be asleep. A voice which is not a single bit similar said,

"She is still asleep and it's good because we are not near our destination if she do not wake up before we reach to our destination, he will be really angry."

"She will wake up, we still have a week or so to reach there"

I do not know who the he is. But the way they are talking about him, he must be really important. But why would he be angry knowing that I am still not awake.

But that's not the problem here and the thing which is running inside my head right now is, I was not good enough for my father. To fight with him. To fight for him. Days passed by in a blur. We would stop at regular intervals, they would give me food and stop and give me privacy if I wanted to relieve myself or bath near a pond, again wearing the same clothes.

Days turned into nights and nights into days and soon a week passed.


I tried to keep my eyes open but all the efforts I made didn't seemed to be enough because soon darkness completely engulfed me in a dream less sleep.

I don't know how long I have been sleeping so I opened the curtains again only to find that dawn is coming and the rays of sun that are falling on the earth are enough for me to analyze my surroundings. The soldiers that kidnapped me are all wearing black armors and helmets so it is impossible for me to know who they are and they are all on horses while I think I am the only one who is on a carriage.

The path we are going through seems to be a hilly area while my kingdom is on the plain land so it means regarding the time we have taken to reach here and the mountains it is clear that we are going to another kingdom who will be in no doubt really far from my kingdom.

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