~ No One Is There To Care. ~

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this is dedicated to FallenAngel666regret and also alabamarules 

You look at me like you know me the harsh truth is you don’t.  

You walk past me like I am nothing but dirt under your feet. The clothes I wear aren’t new there holly and old. The house I live in is broken dreams cold abandoned is my life. When I look at you I see hope in your eyes, life wait is that pity for a split second looks like it. Then I realize it is nothing but a smirk. 

Do you think of me strange?

Probably so why do you look down on me am I not the same? Do you know how many times I spend alone in this building full of broken dreams the place called home? Sitting in the tub alone it won’t hurt but a minute then it will be numb. As I recall you never knew that girl you made fun of laughed at. 

Committed suicide last night you start thinking to yourself and feeling bad. Knowing you could have tried to be a friend when no one else would. You find yourself going to the cemetery no one is there. They are putting her to rest you fall to your knees in tear’s. You walk to her house no one is there so you go inside there is no lights. You find a note on the floor…

I wish I had a friend I am so tired the only place I can go is my real home where my true friends are. Whoever finds this look to the sky I will be watching.

Because the fact of the matter is... No one is here to care!

This is my first time writing a thing like this so I don't know what everyone thinks. For those suffering from Depression please always remember your not alone.

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