A Flamethrower, A Barrel, A Wendigo

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"Shhh! Do you even know what these things are capable of? First, the Wendigo renders you immobile. And then he rips the skin off your body, piece by piece. He'll then keep you alive just long enough for you to feel the pain of him eating your organs, one piece at a time."

"I know." Bo whispered, giving the man a hard glare, "I don't know how, but I just know about the Wendigo."

"Bo, I think we should go back to the lodge and go find Josh afterwards. Please, Bo." Chris tried to persuade her. She looked behind the barrel where the Wendigo she killed was laying.


"I promise."

"Well, if we're leaving, we better go now." The man looked both ways out the huge open doors of the shed before leading the two of them out.

"It's still out there." Bo whispered to Chris, as he had his arm around her to keep her from falling. Although Bo didn't seem to show it, he knew she was extremely sick with Hypothermia and all this snowfall was not going to help.

The road to the cabin never seemed so far away since a crazy human-turned monster out for blood was waiting for them, after attacking Josh and Bo. The man went out first, clearing the area with his huge flamethrower at his side.

Feeling the snow melt under her bare feet, she noticed black heavy rain boots and quickly slipped them on, before returning to her friends side.

"When we get in there, you should grab some warm clothes." Chris suggested, "Cover those legs of yours."

"What legs?" She joked around looking down at the almost purple sticks for legs. Chris snorted and quickened their pace.

"Wait...Don't move." The stranger ordered them, Bo's stare hardening into the woods. The sound of the very same inhuman screeches her and Josh heard before they attacked echoed darkly in the forest of endless black trees and shrub. Chris and Bo watched as the flamethrower guy continued in the path. "Run!" He shouted, and without hesitation, they followed him, running full speed. However, Bo's chore boots were too heavy as she fell from stepping on the toe of the shoe.

"Bo! Get up!" Chris shouted, helping her to her feet and threw the boots at the Wendigo that scurried and scratched at the two of them. "Holy shit!" Chris yelled at the sight of it.

"Get back!" The man yelled again, Bo and Chris doing so.

"Bo, leave now! Go with the others, get help!" Chris shouted at her. She shook her head, bravely.

"No! I'm not letting you become like Josh! I'm staying." She said, sticking behind the two. "Besides, I killed one before, I can kill one again!"

"With no weapons?" Chris yelled, as the man shot flames at the Wendigo that reappeared.

"Who said I didn't have a weapon?" Bo pulled out a bloodied piece of wood with two nails sticking out of it, in two different directions.

"Would you pansies stop flirting and get rid of this goddamned monster!" The man shouted, as Chris loaded and cocked his shotgun back. With a flash, they heard a muffled cry and watched as a blur moved past the man making him fall to his knees, completely decapitated.

"Oh, Lord!" Bo screamed, watching the head slip from his neck. Chris shot the Wendigo before they continued running to the cabin for their lives. They didn't know how fast it would take for it to regain it's strength and speed. They both ducked underneath logs and jumped over fallen trees, taking time to throw obstacles in the creature's way.

Chris shot it again in the chest just before it grabbed Bo, making her run faster than before in front of him.

"The cabin's just up ahead!" He shouted, watching Bo disappear from a ledge she had jumped from in shortcut.

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