A Flamethrower, A Barrel, A Wendigo

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"They don't like fire." The stranger said as he was explaining everything Chris needed to know about the Wendigos. It seemed to Chris that every time he goes outside, each time gets creepier than the previous.

"I don't like fire." Chris stayed behind the stranger letting him lead, although he knew it would be safer if he was right next to him.

"They fear it, and it can kill them if you have to. See, their skin is like...it's like tough armor unless you burn it off first."

"Gross." Chris looked around at the surroundings, walking towards the shed again. "But can you tell what a Wendigo's about to do next? Like ar-are they predictable?"

"Well," The stranger tilted his head slightly, "they adhere to some patterns, like any animal or human."

"Like schedules?"

"They only hunt at night. They're nocturnal creatures."

The wind blew snow at their faces, lightly falling snowflakes to the ground. The air was crisp and the winter jacket Chris was wearing did not cover his legs. He wondered how Bo made it this far with pajama shorts on.

"They can't see you if you're standing still." The man said out of nowhere as they rounded the shed. "Figured you'd ought to know that." The shed door was wide open revealing no sign of Josh or Bo anywhere. The whole place was trashed as if they fought the Wendigo greatly before it took them. The chair was broken and blood stains were everywhere in the building. Chris hoped most of it was the Wendigo's blood.

"Dammit! Oh...no!" He whispered. "We're too late."

"Shh!' The stranger whispered. "It could still be in this room. Right now..." He trailed off. Suddenly, a barrel was kicked in sight. Chris and the stranger armed themselves, ready for whatever was to come.

"Josh!" A feminine voice cried as Bo emerged from the pile, looking completely beat up.

"Bo!" Chris ran up and grabbed hold of Bo's arm to help her out. Instead of accepting, she screamed and cowered away from him, chanting 'no's' over and over again. "Bo, it's me, Chris."

She began to cry as Chris tried his luck and wrapped her in his arms. She accepted, laying her head on his chest.

"It was awful, Chris!"

"Shh, tell us when we get inside. Right now, it still might be here."

"The Wendigo?" Bo whispered.

"Yeah," Chris let go of her suddenly, "Wait, how did you know about the Wendigo?"

"There were three of them, one took Josh, the other ran away and I-I-"

"Spit it out, woman!" The stranger yelled at her.

"Who the hell are you?" She suddenly regained herself again, and looked over at the strange man.

"I helped your boyfriend find you, Miss."

"He's not my boyfriend. And the last Wendigo is right there." She pointed to a barrel. "I killed it."

"What?" Chris exclaimed "How!?"

Bo shrugged her shoulders, ignoring his question. "We need to find Josh. He's out there somewhere, and if we're too late, it'll be my fault. Let's go!"

"Be quiet!" The stranger shushed again, everything becoming eerily silent at his command. "We gotta go."

"That's what I just-"

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