10. Neel

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"I miss this nugget of mine♡"❤ 679, 430 | 💬 230,187

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"I miss this nugget of mine♡"
❤ 679, 430 | 💬 230,187

@HaleyLuHoo ■ You guys are so cute!!!

@Olivia_Holt ■ why cant I have this!

@HaleShae ■ Shes ugly with that tattoo. Such a slut!!!

@JustinBieber ■ shes hot

@DaleSibblings4Ever ■ ANOTHER TATTOO!!😲

@NeelsWife ■  Neel, why do you look like your fucking anoyed from her

@MadisonBeer ■ @NeelsWife because he is. Hes mine!!!

@TaylorSwift ■ in your wildest dreams☆

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