One night with her Boss✨

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Written by:- cloudingbieber

Status:- Completed

There is no sequel.

Best short-story I've ever read. I still re-read it every time I'm bored because I love it so much. This book is so underrated tbfh. It needs more recognition.



Anne has worked for her sexy, ex-surfer, businessman boss for seven years and she's been in love with him for two. Justin doesn't think about her as anything but his ever-efficient assistant, though.

She's been trying to get over feelings by dating other men and interviewing for other jobs, which doesn't make Justin very happy. But Anne is determined to not put her life on hold for him.

When she gets a new job offer, Justin will do anything he can to keep her, but he still only seems to want her as an employee. Anne might find him irresistible but she's learned to resist. There are lines that he'll never cross.

But then everything changes in only one night...

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