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A New Beginning

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This is a bad idea. I should have moved a bit far from the last place. However, I love this place, it's right next to the beautiful hike trail with green filled forest on either sides. I am going to love this place and stay much longer than my last places was the last thought as I drifted into my sleep.

The next day, I got ready early and headed to my relatively new job as a waiter - been working there for five days now - at the Beetle's cafe on the 25th street up north of the town. It was a 30 minute bus ride from where I dwelt.

As I was filling in the coffee machine with beans - I noticed her sitting in the corner parallel to where I stood, engaged in a deep conversation with a girl sitting opposite to her. She was breathtaking at the first sight; wearing a bright yellow dress that agreed with the morning sun blending with her glimmering blue eyes. She flicked her brunette medium-length hair while talking vivaciously to her friend as our eyes met, I felt a jolt of current pass through my whole body. In this moment, the quotes about love doesn't seem too cheesy, I thought. The feeling was exquisite. I have never felt anything like that ever before in my life considering who I am. And above that, I can tell she was feeling the same; it was a gut feeling including the fact that I saw her rosy thin lip twitch to a side before the spell broke.

Was it just my imagination? Or did she really try to control her smile? Does that mean she likes me? No Sam, you are not falling for that girl! Remember who you are? And the consequences? I thought, fighting with my inner self. He can be rude at times, though he is right.

I watched her leave the coffee house and I am pretty sure she paused for a moment at the door and her eyes tried to catch a glimpse of me before exiting. Or maybe it was my mind playing tricks.

My thoughts did not end there. I couldn't stop thinking of her for the rest of my shift which cost me a broken tea cup and continued all the way home. I was repeating just one thing to myself - Don't fall for her. But It was too late.


Along the way of my moving often and travelling, I picked up an interesting and a little peculiar habit of "Journal writing". Its peculiar because, I start a new journal every time I move. So it only made sense to start this chapter in a new diary. What should I call this one, "Newville's town" or "Minnesota's diaries"? , I fumbled up on few other names and decided to call it, "Saint Paul's Diaries".

It was the weekend and I didn't have anything planned so decided to fill in my diary with my last week's happenings at this place. I wrote down everything and smiled at it once I was done, because most of the week's writing was about the nameless "her" - even though it was just a fifteen minutes of glancing is all I had with her.

"Okay, this is crazy, I need to clear my head" is what I muttered to myself as I headed off to go for hike on my bicycle.

Out of all trails I read about, Pike's Island caught by eye and decided to go with it - which is quite far from where I live. I peddled my way into this new trail exploring and lost in thoughts not to pursue this alien feeling. As I was nearing a tiny bridge to cross over to the other side, I ran into someone - I froze - the least expected person. She almost lost her balance while hitting the break. She was surprised to see me and beamed at me. Likewise I thought.

"Oh, sorry! I usually do not find anyone in this trail close to sunset!" she apologized for no reason.

I fought for my voice in my throat and said, "It's not your fault, I wasn't paying attention as well. I.. I.. I am new to this town and love hiking. So decided to start with this trail. For some reason I was drawn to start with this one even though I don't live anywhere near." I stuttered and gushed out feeling slightly embarrassed. What's wrong with me? I am acting like I have never talked to a girl before!

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