White Smoke

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  White Smoke

  Its pale lips opened up as if to scream but no sound came up. Hollow black eyes stared back into mine, lifeless. Its skin was deathly pale--almost grey, completely sunken in at the cheeks. Creating a raspy gurgling noise at the back of its throat opening its mouth once again but this time words came out. Its chapped pale lips were sewn together with thin black thread, allowing it to open its mouth only so far. It opened and clenched its jaw together as if trying to break through the black threads, that were pulling and tugging at its rotten flesh. Its putrid breath blew against my face, reminding me of death and decay.

   "Run," it said in a raspy voice. Then it screamed chilling my to the core. Its beady black eyes rolled back, its mouth hanging agape, some threads snapping and tearing apart at its rotten corpse. Its head rolled back, neck sticking out at an odd angle. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end and goosebumps rose on my arm. It twisted its neck at an odd angle still screaming. Arms ambling around wildly, it lunged towards me. It's lifeless eyes rolled back forward peering back at me before it reached out with its spindly pale arm, trying to grab me. 

  I scrambled back, hitting the cold slimy wall. A trickle of water dripped out of a tiny crack in the grey stone walls, its rhythmic dripping making me only more anxious. Growling in displeasure it bent down grabbing at my arm. Its hands were ice cold and rough-- like rotten meat, skin flaking off at the gentlest of touches.

  "They're coming," it whispered, its warning echoing through my head. Stretching open its mouth making the gurgling sound again. Cowering back against the moldy stone walls trembling with fear, my hands shook violently--making my teeth chatter uncontrollably.

"Run, or you'll be their next meal," its hand reached out to grab my face. It's long stick like finger clawed at my face with surprising strength. Tearing apart my skin easily, a dribble of blood trickled down on the floor from the large burning gash on my cheek. 

I woke with a jolt, sweat running down my back. Breathing heavily, my breath coming out in short gasps.

It was just a dream Mayla, just a dream, I tried to reassure myself.

I wasn't in that strange dungeon anymore, I was back in my room. After my heart started to beat normally again, I laid back down on my bed. Thank god it was just a dream. It almost seemed too real. I shuddered at the thought of it scratching at my face. Hesitantly touching my cheek with shaking hands at where it had clawed me in my dream.

When I pulled my hand back, it was sticky with a dark thick fluid. Confused, I switched on a small lamp and stared at my hand. My hand trembled slightly as I saw what it was.


Not just any blood--my blood. Then I noticed a stinging on my cheek that I didn't notice before. My hand automatically reached up to cup my stinging cheek. I lifted up my night gown and rushed over to the mirror. Two large gashes were visible on my cheek. Two long bloody gashes where it had dug its fingers in, ripping and tearing at my skin. They were in the exact same place where the creature hit me in my dream. I shuddered and wrapped my arms around myself. The blood on my hands smeared on my white satin night gown staining it a dark red color.

It had to be just a coincidence.

I looked into the mirror again. My raven black hair flowed down in waves framing my pale face. The red gash popped out even more against my pale skin. I touched the gash gingerly, wincing slightly. How the heck did I get that gash while sleeping?

Suddenly, I saw a blurry white fog forming behind me in the mirror. I rubbed my eyes thinking it was just my eyes playing tricks on me. But then room suddenly seemed more chilly, my teeth chattered slightly. When I looked back at the mirror, the white fog was still there.

My heart seemed to stop beating for a second when I saw the white fog start to form shape. 

No, this couldn't be happening.

I was still staring at the mirror with wide eyes, too scared to turn around. The fog soon changed into the human-like creature I saw in my dream. The closer the creature to me, the colder it got. Its all too familiar hollow eyes stared back at me. Its sewn lips lifted up-- as if making me, I wanted to move and run away screaming but I stayed rooted to the ground. Once it was couple feet behind me, the mirror cracked; shards of glass clattered onto eh ground slicing at my legs. Now resembling a large cobweb. It cracked image in the mirror only made it seem ten times more frightening, ten pairs of eyes staring at me, ten hands reaching towards me, ten of it. Although the only thing I wanted to do right now was run, my legs betrayed me and refused to move. 

My heart  hammered loudly as it opened its mouth again to speak, like it had in my dream. 

"I guess you didn't take my advice to run." 

well it kinda just ends ther. Not really much of a plot but yeah :)

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