Erotically In love

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Hello! Kira-senpai here! :D

So, I have to tell you somethings before you read this story of mine,

Firstly, I have to warn you that this story of mine, "EROTICALLY IN LOVE" is STRICTLY RATED SPG!!!

klaro nmn siguro diba?? nasa title na nga eh "EROTICALLY". pero hindi ko nmn kayo pag babawalan na basahin to, na sa inyo na ang choice kung babasahin nyo ito ;)

Second, if merong NAMES, PLACE, EVENTS, (mga pangyayari o nangyari sa story) etc., sa story ko na kaparehas sa story ng iba, its PURELY COINCIDENTAL :D

Third, Since, isang Foreign place ang setting ko, mag e-english ako T.T i mean ang (mga) character sa story ko -_-" don't worry, may tagalog pa rin nmn.

Fourth, Forgive me if there are WRONG GRAMMARS, WRONG SPELLINGS, TYPO, etc,.

Fifth, Please Enjoy =)))

p.s. this story is made up, it was all created in my mind, in my own imagination. and i have to credit  GOOGLE for the cover of my story ;D

p.s.s. I might use some words in this story that are prohibited for kids

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