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~~~Bo's POV~~~

I finished typing the email and sat back as I quickly clicked send. I'd spent the last hour going back and forth with the Alpha of the Midnight Claw Pack, arguing about how to deal with a potential rogue problem at one of the many places where our territory met. I had no doubt he'd email me back in a couple minutes, telling me how incompetent I was.

About a year after I'd graduated high school, my father decided to step down as Alpha. Dot's death had left him shaken, and he'd never fully recovered from it. As his son, it was my duty to become the Alpha. However, my father was always around for advice when I felt overwhelmed.

Anton had followed suit, and he'd resigned as well. Fae became my Beta, and together, we'd worked to make the back stronger for the past nine years.

Just as the compute dinged, informing me of an incoming email, someone banged on the door. "Come in," I called tiredly. It swung open, and I heard the sound of quiet, quick footfalls across the wooden floor.


The golden-haired toddler climbed into my lap and hugged her baby blanket to her chest. "Me and Mommy are playing hide-and-seek!"

"Is that so?" I asked amusedly, and she nodded vigorously. I glanced at her hands and sighed. "Sweetheart, what is all over your fingers?"

"Me and Mommy was painting a picture," She declared, and I laughed as she stuck out her chest for emphasis.


Dot squealed at the sound of Tyler's voice, and she scrambled off my lap and crawled under my desk.

"Dot! Where are you?" called Tyler, and I could hear her getting impatient. "This is funny, Dot! I need to wash off your hands!"

"I don't think Mommy knows you're playing hide-and-seek," I whispered, and Dot just giggled. I pressed my finger to my lips, and Dot mimicked me. Just as she covered her face with her baby blanket, I heard footsteps and looked up to see Tyler walk into my office.

"Did your daughter come in here by any chance?" She asked as she collapsed into the chair across from me. "I was putting her finger-painting on the counter to dry, and when I turned around, she was gone!"

Keeping a straight face, I said, "Nope, haven't seen her. Maybe she's with Jaime and Adam." Jaime and Adam were Fae and Rhett's twin sons, and they were only a year older than Dot.

Tyler groaned and stood up, but as her eyes swept past my shirt, she frowned. "You say you haven't seen her?" She asked, and I shook my head. "Then why are there little handprints on your shirt?"

I looked down, and rolled my eyes. Two perfect purple handprints were stamped across my chest. "Well..." I said, "This is easily explained..." my voice trailed off as Tyler walked behind my desk and ducked her head under my desk.

There was a ruffling as Tyler pulled off Dot's baby blanket, and then I heard a mixture of a squeal and giggle. "Hi Mommy!"

"You're coming with me!" declared Tyler, and she scooped Dot up, completely ignoring the paint that was smearing against her t-shirt. Tyler inspected the giggling two-year-old and sighed. "Someone needs a bath," she noted.

Dot clapped her hands together and started bouncing in Tyler's arms. "Bath! Bath! Bath!" Tyler's mouth curved into one of her many dazzling smiles, and she started to walk out of my office. Just as she reached the door, however, she turned around.

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