Part 89*

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Pushkar: You heard me. (smirking) No gift, no Sumo.

Shravan: Pushkar you have got to be kidding me! (shocked)

Pushkar: (grinning) Nope! I'm serious! If you want Sumo then you will have to give her a gift! Now!

Sumo: Pushkar seriously I don't want anything. Shravan has given me more than enough!

Pushkar: Shravan Bhaiya, come on. I thought you loved Sumo more than anything. But here you can't even get Sumo a gift! Such a shame! Especially after she made so much food for you! And let's not forget the Moong Dal Ka Halwa that was just for you!!

Shravan:(narrowing his eyes) Are you challenging my love Pushkar?!

Pushkar: Maybe! (shrugging)

Shravan: Fine then! I have a gift for Sumo. Give me 3 minutes, I'll be right back.

Sumo: But Shravan, it's ok------

Shravan: No Sumo. My love for you is being questioned, I can't have that. Pushkar wants to see right? Then fine. I'll show you how much I love my wifey. (

Shravan smirks at Pushkar and smiles at Sumo before running up the stairs to his room.

Sumo: Pushkar!! What was the need of all of this?!

Lalaji: It's ok Suman Puttar! Let's see what Shravan does! (curious)

Within minutes Shravan is back with a yellow envelope in his hands. He runs down the stairs, huffing, and comes in front of Sumo, before giving a victory glare to Pushkar.

Shravan: (handing Sumo the envelope) Here you go Jaan. A gift for your first Rasoi.

Pushkar: (laughing) Bhaiya don't give her some stupid court papers as a gift!

Shravan: Can you be quiet for 2 minutes Pushkar. Or shall I tape your face up?? (hitting his chest)

Pushkar: I'm just saying. I mean you never know, what can you expect from Bhaiya anyways. (teasing)

Shravan: Ignore the monkey guys. (turning to Sumo) Sumo, open it. (smiling)

Sumo: (confused) But Shravan what is this?

Shravan gives her a light smile, signaling her to open the envelope.

Sumo takes the yellow envelope and slowly opens it from the top. She slips out a package of papers and goes through them, reading them.

Sumo: (reading the papers) Shravan this is..........

Pushkar: What is it Sumo?! (curious)

Sumo: (shocked) Shravan these are the papers to Khosla's house!!!

Shravan: (smiling) Correction my Lord, these are the papers to your house.

Sumo: (tear filled eyes full of confusion) Shravan what are you talking about and what is this?!?!!

Shravan takes the papers from Sumo's hands and sets them in the table. Then he places both of his hands on Sumo's shoulders.

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