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The time we all marched to the cemetery, it was drizzling.

The skies had grown gloomier than before, as clouds had become bulky and were large enough to block the sun out. They couldn't seem to withstand any more water, so they spat all of them out. A thick layer of fog had descended upon the area, obscuring both distant buildings and scenery.

Umbrellas, most of them being black or dark blue, ornamented through the crowd. All of them performed the same function: to protect the people beneath from getting drenched. Likewise, the colors of the umbrellas created somewhat a repetitive pattern.

Meanwhile, under our blue umbrella, my family watched gravely as a group of people slowly lowered Adelynn's coffin down to the earth. This is the last time I would see her...

The ambience, accompanied by the murmuring noises of the rainfall, was sullen and ponderous, especially the fact that no one was speaking at all. Even Jordan didn't dare to say a word, and from the corner of my eyes, he was stiffening up. He stepped closer to me, feeling his elbow making contact with my hip.

Only silent cries from Adelynn's family and her relatives were heard. Her brother, whom I only recognized as Dar, suddenly crouched down. He finally tore off his poker-face mask and burst into tears. The others could only observe the somber scene with poignant eyes.

Behind a few people, I noticed Asher, the one who bullied Edward last week. He was standing beside his parents, his hand holding tight on a young boy, possibly his brother. His face was grim as the others.as he stared blankly at the coffin, now positioned six feet underneath us. It was now in the process of being buried.

Seeing him made me think that the rest of the basketball team was also here as well. I have yet to encounter those five seniors who had beaten Edward up, or the mastermind behind all of that bullshit... Alfred. It was a huge sigh of relief, because I didn't want to see them right now. A mere glance of their faces seriously ticks my nerves.

I didn't know where Edward had gone, though. The last time I saw him was when he retreated from the stage with tear-stained cheeks after delivering his eulogy. He was probably in the middle of the crowd somewhere.

Minutes had flown by, and the coffin finally covered up with the soil, signalling Adelynn's complete departure. There, I realized that a tombstone was already there, fixed to the ground. The epitaph engraved onto it, seemed somewhat familiar to me, as if I heard it off somewhere else.

Adelynn Whiteside

September 1996 - August 2011

No pain, no grief and no fear

Can reach our loved one sleeping here.

At the inscription, some small but sharp pieces of glass suddenly wedged against my heart, leaving charred bleeding cuts. I gripped my fingers tight on my dress, gazing hard at the moist grasses and some mud below me. The words were powerful enough to strike me hard as if I was a bowling pin.

The next time I regained my senses, I realized that someone was standing on the right of me, even though there wasn't supposed to be anyone there. I was trying to keep some distance, but instead I accidentally brushed myself into this person.

I turned my head to the side, only to see a man slightly towering than me. His protruding blond bangs of his hair was the only distinct trait I noticed, but it didn't stop me from figuring out who the guy was.

"E-Ed?" I whispered loudly, but at the same time, I tried to hide my surprise. He said nothing, and it took me time to discover that he was clenching on an object. It was some sort of a present, dark blue in color with white polka-dotted pattern, extensively wrapped with a blood red ribbon.

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