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Akira was an ordinary guy who never expects to fall in love with an extraordinary girl.

It was the opening of the school year when he met this girl, a boyish gal but charming in her looks. On Akira's first day of school he had a difficult time locating the school buildings and his classroom, luckily he found this girl alone in the corridor. And without a doubt, he asked her where to find his rooms and of course the girl helped him. They found his rooms easily since the girls seem to be more familiar in every corner of the university. After locating his class rooms, Akira rushed to his room because he was late and totally forgot about the girl.

After his class, he remembered the girl and felt mad of himself, for he didn’t even thanked her for his goodness. So the following day, he went to school early expecting he could find that girl again, but he failed.

On his lunch break, he came to passed by the gymnasium and noticed the cute girls wearing karate uniform. Then a friend saw him and invited him to watch. He went by his friend since he has no class in the afternoon, and then found amazed with the club, which is exclusively for the girls, specifically high school girls.

A moment later, he noticed one of the girls in the club, it was the girl who helped him, so he waited for her. After their session, he waves his hand to the girl, and the girl smiled at him and came to him. Akira invited her at the cafeteria.

At the cafeteria, he asks for apology to the girl and thanked him, and he was glad that the girl wasn’t mad at him. Then he asked her name.

"I’m Yuri, 3rd year"

"I’m Akira, and I can’t believed that your a high school, because you weren’t wearing your uniform yesterday."

"Yeah, it was our first day of class, so we don’t need to wear uniforms. And I guess your an architecture student"

"laughs- yah its pretty obvious with my samurai, I mean my drawing instruments"

After those acquaintances, Akira came to the Karate club to watch her during his spare times, and sometimes ask her out. He also asked her number, and then they became great friends. (Yeah friends... shut up spoilers... laugh)

Sometimes Yuri visits him in their department, watch him draw, well mostly made fun of his works. She was really a bubbly cute girl for Akira.

Yuri always bring her camera on her side, that makes her take pictures of Akira often and mostly during Akira's work mode or drawing time. She always teased him and sometimes asked him to draw or paint herself. But Akira refused to, because he felt embarrassed of his works.

Most of the time, they were like brother and sister.

then one day, when Akira decided to visit Yuri in high school department, which he never been to, since he was in the university, he saw the bulletin board. Then there he found out that Yuri was a real Famous, she a gold medalist, a singer, a dancer, and a top notched. Not just that she, was tennis player, the leader of the soft ball team and the president of the camera club.

Akira felt weird; Yuri seems to be so stranger to him, when he found all those things. and he became downhearted. He feels so small, and terrible, he was so ordinary compared to Yuri. Since then he keep a distance to Yuri until he never showed himself again.

A few months later, he felt so troubled, and had so many sleepless nights. He can’t stopped thinking about her, and always found himself painting or sketching Yuri face. his sketch pad was filled with Yuri’s faces until he realized that it was not just missing her, he was loving her!

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