80. Red Bikini

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They were all there when we returned home.

Cam and Janet, it was early days but I had a good feeling about those two, Damien and Harper, Rob, Megan and the girls.

"Where's Tim and Amanda?"  I asked.

"They'll be here a bit later.  I think the jet lag caught up with them."  Megan answered.

"Auntie Mia."  The girls came running in and cuddled a leg each.

"Will you swim with us?"  Milly asked.

"Please?"  Added Poppy.

"Of course I will." I answered as I reached down to hug them. "Lets see who can get ready the fastest." I added and they raced off squealing.

"Is anyone else swimming?" I asked as I looked to the others.

"I will." Janet answered and Megan nodded.

"I can dress myself Jay." I giggled as he followed me upstairs.

"I'm aware of that Mia. I want to do the undressing bit." He answered as his fingers reached for the hem of my dress and raised it over my head.

"I want you in the red bikini." He whispered as he unclasped my bra and drew it down my arms.  "The one I fantasise about." 

"You know I can't wear that Jay, it's way too revealing.  Especially now that my boobs have grown." I added as his hands gently kneaded them.

"They're fucking incredible." He smirked as he tweeked my nipples.  "And they look fucking incredible in the red bikini."

Releasing one nipple so he could draw it into his warm mouth, all thoughts of my bikini left my mind.  Jay guided me until my legs touched the bed then gently laid me down.

"Jay, what about..."

"They can wait." He mumbled against my neck before he kissed his way to my mouth.  He swallowed my moan as he reached down and rubbed me over my black lace panties. 

Assaulting my mouth with his, his fingers from one hand rolling my nipple while his others continued to rub between my legs, my body was on fire. 

"I need you Jay." I moaned when he broke the kiss.  "Please?" I begged.

"You want my cock inside you baby?" He teased as he pulled my panties aside and stroked his fingers lightly over my lips.

"Yes." I breathed and when his fingers stopped moving, I told him what he wanted to hear.  "Please Jay, I need to feel your dick inside me.  I want you to fuck me...hard."

He groaned against my mouth and I felt his lips lift into a smile.  "Good girl." His voice was thick with arousal and I moaned when I heard it.

"Let's get rid of these." He said as he moved between my legs and traced a finger along the band of my panties.  Hooking his finger inside, he slowly lowered the front and bent down to place a soft kiss on my mound.  "You smell so fucking good Mia." He added hoarsely as he inhaled deeply.

"Please?" I begged.

His fingers teased my hips then my thighs as he lowered my panties, leaving them just above my knees.  He had a thing about seeing them around my knees.

"You want it hard baby?" He asked as he ran his fingers along my lips.

"Yes." I whimpered with anticipation.

"You're so wet.  You're always so fucking wet." His dark eyes were holding mine as his fingers continued to tease me.  "I'm gonna give you what you want baby." Removing my panties and tossing them over his shoulder, he gripped my thighs and spread them wide.  "Keep your eyes on me Mia." He instructed.

I tried to keep my eyes open, but as soon as his mouth made contact with my clit, I closed them.  I cried out and opened them to look at him, when he slapped my thigh.  "Open." Was all he said, before he kissed my thigh and then spread my lips and fucked me with his tongue.  When he sensed I was close, he freed his hard cock, gripped my hips and slammed inside me.

I cried out in surprise and he stilled for a moment, before slowly sliding out and slamming back in. Each time he repeated it, he was rewarded with his name leaving my lips.

"Ready for me to fuck you now?"  He grunted as his grip tightened on my hips and he held me in place as he did just that.

"Oh my god Jay."  I screamed minutes later as my orgasm tore through me.

He held me in place and a few thrusts later, he was growling out his release.

He gently laid his body on mine, careful to keep most of his weight off of me, his hot bursts of breath teasing my puckered nipple.  Jay drew it into his mouth and lightly grazed it with his teeth, then used his tongue to take away the sting.

"How did I get so fucking lucky?"  He asked quietly, as if to himself.

"We got lucky Jay."  I corrected and he looked up and locked eyes with mine.

"Are you wearing the red?"  He asked after a while, a smirk appearing on his beautiful face.

"No."  I laughed.

His eyes turned dark as he fully withdrew and moved further up my body.

"No?"  He asked as if he hadn't heard correctly.

"Umm" I cleared my throat.  "Uh, no."

"Okay."  He answered.

Now I was confused, he gave in too easily.  "Okay?"  I asked.

He nodded and moved his weight off me.  As he was fixing his clothes, I studied him.

"Okay?  Just like that?"

He looked back over his shoulder and gave me a sly smile.

"No baby, not just like that.  We'll discuss it later."

I felt the moisture pool between my thighs, knowing full well he'd have some type of punishment for me later.

Jay passed me my black bikini and I made my way to the bathroom to clean myself up.

"I'll meet you down there."  I told him.

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