28. I Want To Know What Love Is

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“Awesome. I thought we’d invite your brother and Vinny to come too. Is that cool?” She seemed hopeful. Venus wouldn’t mind having Zaren join them, but it wouldn’t be good to have Cheverly flirting with him. Obviously she had a little crush. Venus had a task to accomplish. Help Michael and Chev fall in love. Now was the time. Chev didn’t need further distractions, namely Zaren.

“Sounds great.” Venus paused a moment, gathering her courage. “Hey, what about inviting Michael?” She tried to sound casual, but knew it’d come out forced. Venus was beginning to understand why Zaren had been so worried that day on the mountain.

Focus, Princess, she shouted internally, repeating Zaren’s words to herself.

Then she put a smile on her face figuring that would help. “Don’t you two have a thing going?”

“Um, sort of.” Venus heard Cheverly take a huge breath and blow it out. “I’ll give him a call. Great idea.”

“Fabu! When do you want to get together?” Venus tucked the phone against her ear and shoulder and started to braid a portion of her hair. Organize and reorganize. Braid and unbraid, anything to keep her fingers busy. 

“Fabu? L.O.L., V. What? Were you born in like, 1968?”

Venus let out a nervous chuckle. She’d seen humans use the word. It hadn’t been that long ago, a few years. Lots of young kels had picked up on the word and used it often. “Nooooo,” she laughed.

“K, well anyway, can you be ready around one?”

“I can, but I’m not too sure about the pretty boys. I’ll force them to hurry.” Her neck started to kink, so she stopped braiding and held the phone, pulling all her hair away from her shoulders.

Cheverly giggled.

A grunt came from the other side of the door. Dervinias. 

“Yeah, tell them they’d better.”

“I will.”

“Rockin. I mean, fabu!” She giggled again.

Before Chev hung up, she gave Venus directions. She didn’t worry about writing them down since Venus figured at least one other alien listened in on their conversation. Bolting off the bed, she ran to the door. Dervinias was on the other side, waiting.

“How do you turn this thing off?”

He grabbed it from her. “Push the button with E.N.D. on it.” He shook his head in exasperation.

“Well, what’re you doing? Snoop.” Venus punched him in the arm.

“Do you have any idea what you’re doing?” Dervinias asked.

She was about to give him an arrogant retort when she realized he wasn’t joking. For the first time Venus really thought about it.

I’ve no idea what I’m doing. And, in five days I’ll be dead.

Formytians were trained with longswords and broadswords. She suddenly felt as though one of each had been shoved into her gut and twisted slowly, painfully and with fervor.

“Maybe you—”

“Where’s Zaren?” A nervous hiccup escaped. Venus wanted to cry, sob, sulk—be utterly sad. And she needed her Formytian. Where was he? “Zaren,” she yelled. “Zaren.”

Venus started running down the hall, but her foot caught on a ripped portion of the carpet. She ended up face planted. “Zaren,” she whispered. Fear. A word she’d heard, but hadn’t ever, before now, experienced. It gripped at her. Tore away all confidence and made her feel like a child—not a woman at all. Her body shook, incapable of pushing herself off the floor.

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