26. Too Hot

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After he’d gone, Venus took the liberty of looking around. Trophy after first place trophy lined a tall, glass case directly across from the bed. His name etched in all of them. 

So, this is his room. She worked to ignore a bubbly, giddiness building in her chest.  

Blue ribbons hung from most of the trophies. To the left of the case stood a large window with a white desk underneath. A laptop sat on top and to its left were a bunch of books, perfectly organized from tallest to shortest and in alphabetical order.  

Billowy, light green curtains adorned the window, flowing all the way to the floor. On either side of the bed were white nightstands. Matching navy, green and white stripes stretched horizontally over the lampshades. One sat on each stand.

War and Peace rested on the nightstand to her right. Its pages were worn, like an old friend. It called to her. Venus picked it up, casually turning the pages. She could smell him—glazed pears—in every turn. She closed her eyes and flipped the pages again, rapidly, like a fan, allowing his smell to float into the air.

“Is that how your kind read?” he asked.

“Yeow, you scared me.” She opened her eyes and dropped the book. “No, I was fanning myself.”

“Ah.” It didn’t look like he bought it, but he sat on the bed and started organizing his supplies. “First, we’re doing hot.” He placed a warmed cloth over the wound.

She sucked in at the pain, but didn’t say anything. He left his hand on the wet cloth. “We should leave this on for fifteen minutes before moving on to the cold.” As if to explain himself, he held up an ice pack.

“Fabu.” She clenched her teeth.

“So where are you from exactly?” he asked, his first finger gently making circles over her wound. His head was down, so she couldn’t read his expression. But, she could feel his touch, even through the cloth. So soft. Tender. A tingling stirred, starting at the center of the wound, and spreading throughout her body. His fingers stoking the fire on her skin, melting her. Venus watched her skin flame red as her face burned hot, her breathing getting faster and faster.

“Please,” she begged, finally. “Stop.”

He looked up. “Venus, what’s wrong?” He moved on the bed, claiming her face in both of his strong hands, making everything worse. His touch, his airy, summer smell. Warmth.

He’s killing me.  

“Look at me, you’re burning up.” 

 Apprehensively, she peered at him and knew, by the look on his face, he’d seen her desires. She’d never experienced these emotions. They were overwhelming. “Ice.  Please.” He held her captive a moment longer. Venus watched his face change. He didn’t understand what was happening anymore than she did. Yet he still didn’t let go. Searching. Her face locked in his hands and her eyes held captive his.  

She decided, in that moment, that if she died on Earth, it’d be worth it, as long as he kissed her for real.  

He let go, stood, and said, “Of course.”

When he wasn’t touching her any more, her skin started to cool and her alien heart beat slower. She needed to get control of herself. He’d been carrying her for twenty minutes off and on.

Why was this happening now?

He removed the wet cloth and placed the ice pack over her wound. “Venus. I’m so sorry.” He put his hand on her forehead. At his touch, she felt his quickened pulse. 

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