Venus was a total skank. She’d killed Kelvin, and she was going to pay.  

Dervinias had said she was royalty on her planet. Ha! He had his reasons for killing Venus. Well Tawny had her own. Watching her cough in the locker room, she had a hard time believing the weak-looking thing could hurt a fly, let alone the hulking Kelvin, but Dervinias said he witnessed it. She had no reason to doubt him.

So it was payback time. Tonight she’d find her and finish what Kelvin couldn’t, but right now she wanted the alien’s boots.  

They were wicked-cool.

Sometime during the next hour she’d find a way to steal them.

When she saw Venus stumble into the gym, she knew what she needed to do. To her friends, she said, “Time to make the visitor feel welcome.” 

“Oh yeah,” Carla agreed.

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