Chapter 14: Truth Revealed

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"I can feel the power. I can tell my son, Jayden is going to finally get rid of Myra once and for all. After we run some tests of course.


Just great. I'm supposed to save the world and Jayden's mom does not want me to. But from what?

I struggle to get untied. I'm currently in a room. The room from my nightmare. The concrete doorless room where mom was killed. Where I was sure I was going to die.

Next to me lay my dad and mothers body. It was true, I was an orphan now. And the only family I had now was Ky.


"Do I have to? I really do not want to be the one to do it."

" You will be the one who drains her whether you like it or not. End of discussion."

Crap. I had to drain someone for the third time. Why do they not want Myra to save the world? Why do they want her dead? And why am I involved with this?

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