Chapter 19

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They say that giving your body to someone you love isn't called "having sex" but rather "making love".

The happiness that I'm feeling right now is incomparable to the happiness that I had when I acquired the Empire Group. Making love with Angel is more than just giving my body to her and vice versa, but it also consists of giving my soul to her.

I have never thought that kissing her right now would mean everything to me...I have kissed a lot of girls before—girls that are more experienced, but not one of them have made me this happy.

As I removed the dress that she's wearing, I feel like a kid unwrapping a precious gift. Para akong napapaso every time I touch her skin, and I feel like mababasag siya if I'll aggressively make love to her, which usually happens when Im having sex with other girls.

She's too precious, and giving her the same treatment that I do with other girls, feels like committing a sin. For once, I want to feel different when having sex with a woman, and this time must be it already.

Seeing her naked in front of me, seeing her being shy as I admire her curve, her short legs, her skin that is nowhere near to the models made me smile. Her imperfections make her perfect.

"N-nahihiya ako,Joshua." Mahina niyang saad. I slowly walked to her, held her face and looked her in the eyes.

"Don't." I said and iniwas niya ang tingin sa akin.

"I don't have skinny and long legs, I don't have milky white skin, I don't have a slim body, I don't-"

"And its perfect." Napatingin siya sa akin, "To be honest, and please don't be mad when I say this," pakiusap ko sa kanya,"you're nowhere close to the women i've dated begore," sumimanhot ito, "because you're you. You don't have skinny and long legs, so what? It doesnt make you less beautiful in my eyes, it doesn't change the fact that I love you're Kate Angel Buenaventura-De Gracia, and you're my wife."

"Hindi ka marunong magluto ng masasarap na pagkain, hindi ka marunong magsuot ng mga damit that is pleasing to a man's eye, hindi ka kagandahan, hindi ka matangkad-"

"Sige, ipagpatuloy mo lang iyan,Joshua."

"Hindi ka rin marunong lumangoy, but I wouldnt trade you for the world." As I said the last sentence, kinuha ko ang bath robe na nasa gilid and placed it over shoulders and covered her body.

I meet her gaze and smiled,"If you're not ready right now,Angel, I totally understand. I just want to let you know how much I love you and that I really respect you." I kissed her forehead and walked palabas sa kwarto niya.

This is the first time for me to walk away from a woman who's naked in front of me. I lost it earlier but the conversation with Angel made me think that maybe it's not yet the right time for us to do it.

HINDI ko alam kung maiiyak ako o hindi. Joshua really loves me. He was able to stop himself. This is not the Joshua that I met almost 3 months ago. He's very different now and seeing his back walking away from me made me realize that I also want him. I need him  and I'm willing to give him my virginity. It is what I could offer him because I love Joshua.

Bago pa man siya makalabas sa kwarto, mabilis akong tumakbo palapit sa kanya,pinaharap siya sa akin, I cupped him in both his cheeks and kissed him. Naramdaman kong nagulat ito sa aking ginawa,but he responded afterwards.

I let go of him and breathed.

"Angel? Ba-"

"Before you say anything, I just want to let you know that I'm ready. I need you now,Joshua." I said. Mahabang katahimikan ang nangyari sa amin before he went back inside my room and closed the door.

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