Chapter 47

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Aragorn & Gimli sneak around to the other side of the gate. Aragorn takes a peek at the many uruks. Gimli fidgets with anticipation.

Gimli: "Come on. We can take 'em!"

Aragorn glances back at the dwarf.

Aragorn: "It's a long way."

Looking over Aragorn, the dwarf sees the gap. It is too wide for his short legs to get across. He glances up at the man.

Gimli: "Toss me."

Aragorn: "What?"

Gimli: "I cannot jump the distance so you have to toss me."

Aragorn nods & prepares to throw Gimli, but the dwarf stops him.

Gimli: "Eh...don't tell the elf."

Aragorn: "Not a word."

Throwing the dwarf over the gap, Aragorn jumps after him. The two battle the troops at the gate. Inside the keep, Théoden shouts orders to his men.

Théoden: "Shore up the door!"

Saruman's army puts up more ladders. Aiming at the chain holding one of the ladders, Legolas shoots, breaking it. The ladder, falls crushing some of the uruks below. The men try to seal the gates whilst Aragorn & Gimli fight off the uruk army. Théoden looks over the wall.

Théoden: "Gimli! Aragorn! Get out of there!"

Legolas: "Aragorn!"

Standing atop the wall, Legolas throws down a rope. Aragorn, holding Gimli with him, jumps on to it. Legolas pulls them both up. More ladders rise.

Théoden: "Pull everybody back. Pull them back!"

Gamling: "Fall back! Fall back!"

Théoden: "They have broken through. The castle is breached! Retreat!"

Gamling: "Fall back! Retreat! Retreat!"

Suddenly, from inside the keep, on one side of the wall, frightened & confused shouts can be heard. Flames can be seen, leaping high into the sky. Legolas' hand closes around the crystal on his neck & before he knows it, he is running, a growing feeling of dread in his heart.

Legolas [quiet]: "Miyuki..."


The gold aura around Miyuki fades to shadow. The colours of the god beast turn to black & they change their target, attacking the men. Chaos ensues as they army is thrown into disarray. Opening her eyes, now the colour of blood, Miyuki looks down upon the armies below. She leans towards Raiden's ear.

Miyuki [soft]: "Make them burn, my dragon."

Raiden opens his mouth, a stream of flame shooting towards the army below. Men & orcs scream as they catch fire. Leaping from her dragon's back, Miyuki lands in the midst of the men. Slashing left & right, men fall dead. Running her sword through a Rohirrim soldier, their eyes meet, his filled with fear & confusion.

Man: "...why..."

She only smiles as she withdraws her sword. The man falls dead at her feet. Turning, she kills another. Humans. These power hungry creatures did not deserve to live. She would kill them all.

Sensing movement behind her, Miyuki turns. Behind her stands a golden haired elf with blue eyes. His eyes are narrowed, an arrow nocked & pointing at her.

Legolas: "You are not Miyuki."

It was not a question but a statement. Legolas knew this was not Miyuki. The girl tilts her head, curiously.

Girl: "He-ehh? You noticed. You're right. I'm not Miyuki."

Legolas' hands on his bow tighten. The girl tilts her head to the other side.

Girl: "I would introduce myself know who I am already, right?"

Legolas releases the arrow. She sidesteps, the arrow hitting an orc behind her. Nocking another arrow, the elf fixes the girl with an angry glare. The girl feigns fear. 

Girl: "What a scary look. It doesn't suit your pretty face."

Shooting another arrow, the girl disappears from his sight. Sensing movement behind him, he spins, drawing one of his knives just in time to parry the girl's sword. A smear of blood; his arrow had grazed her, was on her cheek.

Girl [angry]: "That hurt, elf."

Jumping back, Legolas shoots again. This time the girl cuts the arrow down. The elf continues to shoot, playing to his strengths. However, he knew. He would not defeat her like this. He had to get close to her. He draws another arrow. The girl smirks.

Girl: "Arrows don't work on me."

The arrow flies. The girl dodges. When she looks back, Legolas is gone. She then senses a presence behind her. Before she can turn, she feels cold steel press against her throat.

Legolas: "Give her back."

Girl: "Why should I? She asked for my help."

Legolas: "I said, give her back. Or I'll..."

He presses the knife harder against her throat, hard enough to draw blood. The girl just smiles, completely unafraid.

Girl: "Or you'll what? I know what she asked but can you do it? Can you kill me?"

Taking Legolas' hand, she moves the blade so that it rests over her heart.

Girl: "Right here. You promised her right? All you have to do is stab right here."

The girl presses on the blade. Legolas feels the tip begin pierce flesh. The image of Miyuki, his knife in her chest, flashes across his mind. The knife falls from his hand, clattering against the stone ground. The girl laughs.

Girl: "As I thought. You can't do it."

Turning, the girl pushes the elf who stumbles back. Raising her sword, she places the tip at his throat.

Girl: "I would kill you now but that would hurt Miyuki. This time, I'll let you go. However, if you get in my way again, I won't be so merciful."

She walks away, melting into the darkness of the night. Legolas stands unmoving, head lowered, unheeding of the battle raging around him. Only one thought echoed in his head.

He had failed.

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